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Hardware: voice recorder for interview recording, transcription

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  • Hardware: voice recorder for interview recording, transcription

    Hi guys,

    So my current recorder's refusing to play nice with Win 7. It's a Panasonic RR-US395, using a proprietary data format and requiring proprietary Panasonic software to do anything at all useful with the recorded files. (VM1 files, I believe). The software is the problem -- Win 7 won't recognize the drivers, and the product is no longer supported by Panasonic.

    What I want: A high-quality voice recorder with an audio in/mic jack, removable memory support of some type, and output capability into one or more of mp3, wav, or (I suppose...) aac formats. Recording tagging capability a plus, but not required. Built-in rechargeable battery and/or AC power supply a definite plus, though.

    I'm currently looking at the Olympus DM-2, but the problem is that the damned thing isn't available until July. Alternatives, as well as suggestions on what I should look out for that will make my transcription process easier are most welcome.

    Price is a concern, but a very small one. If the device cuts my transcripton time by a third, I'll drop a grand on it without hesitation.

    (for reference's sake, I'm currently spending about 3 minutes of transcription time for every 1 minute of recording)
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