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  • Linux software infected

    The sky is falling! Everyone running Linux run screaming!

    No, not really. It's just that an IRC server has a trojan if you downloaded the source tarball for a particular version from a mirror server.

    If you run UnrealIRC and you happen to have, look at this advisement to see if you have the infected version:

    I haven't looked at the installation notes for this one, but anyone following best practices in Linux will run a service like an IRC server under its own user ID, and thus contain any badness it might have to that user's files. The rest of the system should be locked down against regular users messing with system resources.

    Most recent Linux security holes require a local user to take advantage of, so make sure your system is always up to date to seal those holes and protect yourself from rogue services.

    For you tactical gamers, this is called "defense in depth". ;)
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    Re: Linux software infected

    Semi on topic, I love the new ubuntu, the boot time is really slick, especially for the live CD.

    I use Mint linux on a laptop for my GF to play streaming winamp in the kitchen off of.


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      Re: Linux software infected

      im running openSUSE 11.2 right now since my main rig blew up and i have my parents running Karmic right now havent had issues in over 6 months

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        Re: Linux software infected

        I'm still running 9.10 Ubuntu on my netbook. Still lazy to upgrade to the latest build.

        That's kinda funny Scratch, a tarball release for IRC including a trojan for a free. ;)
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