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My modem hates me =/

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  • My modem hates me =/

    This silly modem has been giving me problems for years...kinda sporadic though, not consistently.

    I have a Speedstream 5100 modem, and with the research I've done so far it seems to be made by a company (Efficient Networks) that was bought by another company (Siemens communications) that later sold its modem business to some other company and no longer provides support for this product. In theory there's a firmware update out there somewhere, but I've been unable to track down a copy. I'm running firmware version

    Old problem (provided for historical context): On my old computer, the modem worked fine for a few years and then suddenly started doing something weird. If I ran certain programs on my computer (internet explorer or firefox), after 15 minutes or so my modem would begin ignoring all computer commands addressed to the modem. It would still pass data through to the internet, but I could not access the modem configuration screen or use it for DNS lookups. Also, since it was ignoring my local network commands it would eventually assume my dynamic IP address was idle, and un-register it, at which point I would lose all internet connection. Re-booting the computer seemed to refresh everything so it worked again. As long as I didn't run those specific programs though, I could run other internet programs with no problems.

    I never figured out what caused this problem, but I was able to work around it. I told my computer not to use the modem for DNS lookups, and to send them directly to a DNS address server instead. Then I changed the idle time-out for my IP registration from 15 minutes to a week, so as long as I rebooted at least once per week my IP address wouldn't go idle and be unregistered. That functioned as long as I kept that computer.


    New Problem: I recently built a new computer with 90% new parts. One of the few re-cycled parts was my network card, so maybe that's what has the real issue, I dunno. At any rate, the default settings on my new computer are once again using the modem for DNS lookups and that doesn't seem to be causing a problem. Again, most programs with internet access run fine...but the new problem program is World of Warcraft. Loading a character in World of Warcraft (not just the program itself...I'm perfectly fine until I select a character and load the worldmap) causes my modem to very quickly (less than 30 seconds) begin rejecting all internet traffic.

    The old workaround of skipping modem DNS lookups doesn't work -- everything is blocked. I have the similar issue of being unable to access the modem configuration screen (, although Windows still claims to have a live connection to the local router. This time rebooting my computer does nothing, but rebooting the modem works instead. After rebooting my modem, I can access the configuration screen, which tells me that my modem has apparently not bothered to try re-connecting to the DSL provider. If I manually tell it to reconnect, my connection comes back. (if I dont manually tell it to reconnect, I think it comes back eventually but takes longer. not sure though, haven't tested that part -- it might just stay dead until I tell it to connect).

    Anyone have any idea why my modem hates me? Should I try the sledgehammer repair tactic, or is there some setting I might be able to adjust to fix this? Maybe I just need a new router? Thanks in advance to anyone who feels helpful. :row__688:

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    Re: My modem hates me =/

    I can't give you much advice, because along with Windows sound problems, I hate networking issues. Even after reading tons of books on the subject, I still dream of the sledgehammer repair tactic you mention.
    But the reason I am posting is the Time Warner Cable/ Road Runner repair tech just left my house 10 mins. ago, and he had some useful info for me. For one, he said the modem I was using, which I got from them 2 years ago this month actually, was very outdated. He said something about it not even being rated to the internet speed tier I'm paying for. So he gave me a new one, which is fine by me since the old one was the size of a Tom Clancy hardback book and the new one is not much bigger than my hand.

    But when he was getting ready to leave he asked me if I did any online gaming. He asked because he was at a service call earlier in the week where a WOW guy was having all kinds of problems connecting, and was using an older router. He gave the guy a new router like the one he gave me and it started working fine with no problems. I don't know all the tech about what might have been fixed, but I would say it's worth a shot.

    Also, you mention both router and modem above. Are you using a router, and if so have you tried taking that out of the equation by just strait wiring from the modem to the computer?


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      Re: My modem hates me =/

      I mis-spoke. I have a single-port modem which connects directly to my computer. I sometimes refer to it as my router because I think it is capable of many of the same functions, except of course it's only got one port and won't be able to route more than one computer. Also I could be imagining that last part.


      It wouldn't surprise me if my router was outdated and causing problems, but I was using the same router on the old computer and WoW ran fine. Granted, it was causing other kinds of problems, but not with WoW. So the sudden switch kinda baffles me.

      (Old computer was WinXP, new one is Win7, just for reference).


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        Re: My modem hates me =/

        I had to buy a new DSL modem a few weeks back. Got the exact same model (Motorola 2210) that I had before, but my max d/l speeds tripled! I would seriously consider getting a new modem.
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          Re: My modem hates me =/

          Wow, I had no idea that you guys were having the same problems that I have. My DSL connection was upgraded the other month and days after the upgrade was performed, the modem started to restart itself or stall out on me. I seriously thought it was the router, but it seems that the modem is probably old and or under rated.

          Thanks for the info guys.




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