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help: mobile CPUs and GPUs

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  • help: mobile CPUs and GPUs

    Guys, as I continue my search into possibly getting something to replace my laptop, I have come to a big and troubling question. I have no clue as to what the processors and graphics cards are like for the modern laptops. Can somebody help me with that?

    I am looking to have a laptop get me about 4 years worth of very good performance, so whatever I get, it needs to be powerful.

    Like, I am curious about ATI's mobile graphics cards. I know the 5870 from ATI is a good desktop card, but I do not know what it is like in a laptop, and same goes for Nvidia. In fact, I do not really know what their line up is.

    Now, when it comes to processor, frankly, if I could, I would go for an i7, but I am not sure what type of i7 I would want to look into.

    Remember, I am looking for something that would and will last me for a long time, so the hardware is very important.

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    Re: help: mobile CPUs and GPUs

    If you want something that will last that long buy a desktop.

    If that isn't an option you will need a very large budget and you would be better off saving most off it to buy a replacement after 2-3 years.
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      Re: help: mobile CPUs and GPUs

      What Namebot said.

      As for GPUs, the mobile versions of the ATI cards are equal to their desktop versions. The mobile nVidia versions are several cards below their desktop counterparts.


      A HD5870m = HD5870.
      A GTX260 mobile not equal to a GTX260 desktop. (think it's around a GTS250 in performance or below that even)

      As for CPUs, there's mainly two varieties: desktop and CULV/mobile versions. The desktop ones are just that, desktop chips. The CULV are ultra low voltage versions of the same desktop chip with much lower effective clock speeds (usually around 1.4-1.8 GHz) and sometimes a reduce in cache.
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        Re: help: mobile CPUs and GPUs

        It appears that with the latest generation of mobile parts ATI is naming them differently from the desktop parts(5870=5770desktop). Previously they had been keeping them somewhat comparable.
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          Re: help: mobile CPUs and GPUs

          I am especially curious about the i7 QM series of processors.

          I like what I have seen with the ATI products.

          Thanks for the help.




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