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  • Lighting layout software

    anyone know any good lighting layout software that is NOT proprietary to a lighting manufacturer(eg. Hubbel, lithonia etc...) I am looking for something to do layouts with for the company I work for. Didn't know if TG had any lighting specialists in it's ranks. Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Lighting layout software

    Seeing how it's been 22+ hours, I'm guessing we don't have any lighting professionals (or at least none that check this part of the forum regularly).

    Did you need this tool to meet housing codes and electrical codes?

    I really don't know anything about these programs, but I would assume the reason the above are proprietary and expensive would be they conform to industry standards and some sort of underlying general building/wiring codes.

    Otherwise, the closest substitute I can think of would be turning to a architectural modeling program whereby you can scan in your house blueprints, drag-and-expand the blueprints so you have a 3D model/wireframe of your house from the floorplans, and then you could start placing lighting and such where you see fit. (Can't think of the name of one off the top of my head.)

    I can probably call up a friend who used to do architecture modeling for real estate planners. He might know a cheap or free program that could do something similar to what you might want.
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      Re: Lighting layout software

      Sounds interesting. What proprietary software are you aware of? Any links?
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