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DDR3-1333 vs DDR3-1600

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  • DDR3-1333 vs DDR3-1600

    I have been buying DDR3-1600 for a while thinking the old American adage "Bigger is better" was appropriate, but after realizing the AMD's ram controller(correct) is limited to 1333 and having multiple issues with OCZ ram set to 1600, I have begun to rethink this idea.

    I am looking at purchasing DDR3-1333 with CAS 7 or DDR3-1600 with cas 8 or 9. Will there be any real in-game difference?

    BTW, I am a BF2er and BFBC2er mostly.


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    Re: DDR3-1333 vs DDR3-1600

    Ram timing usually doesn't affect gameplay, unless you have a really small amount (1-2 gigs). If your running a 64 bit system and have 4+ gigs of RAM, the only thing that matters is how fast you can Alt+Tab out of your program and back. I have 8 gigs of DDR2-800, and things still run smoothly. BFBC2's performance depends mostly on the CPU and GPU.

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      Re: DDR3-1333 vs DDR3-1600

      Most of those statistics are meaningless, even for enthusiasts. Higher speed is higher speed but the general effect isn't going to be noticeable until you start discussing differences in excess of 25% and even then, 8gb of DDR3-2000 RAM compared against 8gb of DDR3-800 RAM isn't really going to provide a whole lot of meaningful differentiation. Yeah, the 2000-speed is superior...but you're talking about 8 gigs of memory. The bus hitting you at 40 mph is going to feel a whole lot like the bus hitting you at 80 mph.

      Of course, if you're discussing conditions like database boxes or render farms...then yeah, it suddenly becomes important, where halving the work time of the system can be measured in days rather than microseconds.


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        Re: DDR3-1333 vs DDR3-1600

        Originally posted by Flarfignuggen View Post
        Of course, if you're discussing conditions like database boxes or render farms...
        I wonder what kind of animals they have on render farms?


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          Re: DDR3-1333 vs DDR3-1600

          As said above, for gaming don't even worry about a difference between the 2. I have posted at least one article link in the forum here that did extensive game testing and usually the FPS was pretty much the same or only a 1 or 2 FPS difference.

          Worry more about price, warranty, and then maybe latency and CES.


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            Re: DDR3-1333 vs DDR3-1600

            Originally posted by gator skywalker View Post
            I wonder what kind of animals they have on render farms?
            Anti-aliased ones.

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              Re: DDR3-1333 vs DDR3-1600

              Yeah the only real place you'd actually make use of those differences would be in video processing, 3-d processing and print processing. Gaming does not really need super ram speed. The common market speed runs good for games.

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                Re: DDR3-1333 vs DDR3-1600

                1333 and 1600 effective clocks only have any real meaning for overclockers (usually signifies some breathing room). Otherwise, for the 95% of users out there, it's almost has a nil effect on general performance.
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