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Recommendations for laptop for novice PC user?

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  • Recommendations for laptop for novice PC user?

    A coworker wants to get a laptop, but I've never had one and don't really know much about them specifically...

    It needs to come with a good warranty. We were looking at Dell's 3 year warranty. The company needs to fix anything for three years...

    It's going to be used as a primary PC for email, web, digital photo storage/organizing/tweaking, portable DVD player and maybe some gaming...

    Budget is around $800, but I told my coworker that it looked like a much better laptop would be available for just a couple hundred more bucks, so this may be flexible if financing is available.

    Things that I think it should have for that price range:
    Wireless G
    at least 14" screen, preferably a widescreen for DVDs
    at least 512M RAM
    at least 1.6GHz Pentium M or equivalent AMD
    at least 60G HDD
    at least DVD player/CD burner combo drive

    Any advice or recommendations would be very welcome!
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    Re: Recommendations for laptop for novice PC user?

    Dell regularly posts incredible coupons for their laptops. We're talking things like $750 off laptops priced $1499 or more. You can get a killer gaming laptop, and stay in your budget area. Keep an eye on the online coupon sites like . If you're patient, and jump when the right coupon shows up (many are limited use, or very short in duration), you can save serious coin.
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