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Can you help my wireless internet?

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  • Can you help my wireless internet?

    Okay, since my D-Link wireless PCI adapter was locking up my computer i stole my sisters Motorola USB Wireless adapter connecting to a D-Link 802.11g XtremG 108Mbps (DI-624)

    What i know about it:

    Motorola Wireless USB Device
    802.11g USB device (54Mpbs)
    Board Revision: XB
    Chipset: EN202
    Utility Version:
    Driver Version:

    My problem is that un-expectingly, without any cause it will lose all connection and ill be kicked from any internet activites (BF2).

    Its got 100% Connectivity with ~71% Signal Strenght.

    What ive done so far:
    So far ive moved it so that theres only one wall between the Router/Device at 90* angle, without anywires in side(I know i put the wall there, and now im going to take it out just to make my internet work) Ive tryed looking for updated drivers, but i havent found anything. Motorola's web page sucks, i was able to find my device, and drivers for it, but the drivers its got are older than what ive got now from the CD it came with. Ive also tryed Disabling/Enabling Wireless Zero Config, allowing Windows to take controll of my internet instead of the sofware provided, nothing different (If not worse).

    The router isnt the problem, because my dad and sister(Using D-Link Crappy PCI device i was about to crush with a hammer) are online and using it without any problems. And ive switched USB devices with my dad (Same exact thing) and I still get the same problem.

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    Re: Can you help my wireless internet?

    Describe your loss of connectivity in more detail. Does it drop for a few seconds, then come back on its own? Do you have to reboot your PC or do any other trickery to make it work again? Do you know for sure that the others in your house are not affected? Perhaps they're doing activities where they wouldn't notice a temporary drop-out, like just surfing the web? Did you have any connectivity drop-outs when using the PCI card?

    Do you use any encryption (WEP or WPA?). Is your SSID broadcast, or "secret"? Do you do any MAC address filtering at your access point? Is everyone in your house using an 802.11g adapter, or are there some 802.11b devices around?
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      Re: Can you help my wireless internet?


      Bang, Boom, *Connection Error*, "Your Connection to the server has been terminated"(TS Disconnecting from server), BF2 dissconnects from server, i quit BF2. Notice down in my system tray Local Connection 2 has been dissconected. I disable the network connection, re-enable it, run the Motorola USB adapter program, it locates signals in the area, and after about 5-10 mins(Ive got a digital watch in front of me, it really is that long) i connect... Sometimes i have to restart because i get fustrated with it. Im italian with a very very short temper, ive broke my last desk just by pounding my fist throuh it(This is why im on the wrestling team).

      Ive got no encryption, i think my SSID is infra, there isnt any MAC address filtering(Well not right now at least, i play around with my sister, disabling the internet when she doesnt listen to my Step Mother)... I think my sisters (Exact same device) is using .11b, ill go swtich it right now to .11g and see how things work out.

      I noticed things are slower too, way slower, i used to download at 400Kbps, now 100 is fast for me(Avg 80Kbps). It hasnt loss connection yet.
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        Re: Can you help my wireless internet?

        Sounds like something may be interfering with your wireless signal. Try changing your wireless channel from 7 to 1 or 11.

        I had a similar issue at our apartment. I suspected someone bought a new 2.4 Ghz wireless phone.


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          Re: Can you help my wireless internet?

          I did that, and it didnt do anything, i havnt experenced any connection loses in a while, i bought a USB extended cable and moved the device accross my room. Maybe the cable i had wasnt any good.

          Old cable, Firewire-USB 6ft, new cable Firewire-USB 15ft.

          Seems okay now. And i got a better connection at 100% constant.


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            Re: Can you help my wireless internet?

            I have found that wifi is not suitable for gaming. It is pretty hard to get the connection to stay up 100% of the time, and I think wireless has a significant latency compared to wires, though not sure why.

            The geometry of the setup is very important. Have the antenna from the gateway server perpendicular to the direction the client is in i.e. if both server and client are on the same floor, the antenna on the server should point straight up. The antenna on the client should be directed at the server i.e. horizontal and pointing in correct direction. Minimising physical obstructions such as walls and raising the server's antenna helps too.

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