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Suggestions for all-in-one printer

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  • Suggestions for all-in-one printer

    I am considering the following product for an AIO:,2817,2352264,00.asp

    The only downside is there is no fax modem . It does have a feature that scans a document to an email attachment. Now, I do not send faxes on regular basis maybe 2-3 times a year and, so I probably won't miss it.

    I welcome any thoughts and feedback.

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    Re: Suggestions for all-in-one printer

    AIO choices really depend on your needs and budget. We use a Brother MFC-8480DN, which is a true AIO, including the aforementioned scan to email capability. Plus, networking! About the only thing the setup doesn't do is automated duplex scanning and stapling.

    Nothing bad to say about the unit, except the scanner software package is rather annoying under OS X.

    Edit: Oy. Just noticed the supposed "street price" Brother lists (oh Brother, how gangsta of you). I got ours from Staples for $250, which is still higher than your original choice, but not staggeringly so.

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      Re: Suggestions for all-in-one printer

      Damonte acquired a Canon D460 for $180 (after rebate). It doesn't do color, but it's a dynamite home black and white laser with wired networking, USB, duplex, 20+ ppm, network scanning, auto document feeder, fax and copy.

      95% of what Damonte does needs only black and white. For color or photo printing, Damonte would buy a dedicated quality photo printer, leaving the day to day printing work to the device designed to handle it.

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