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The last roll of Kodachrome

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  • The last roll of Kodachrome

    Many of us horde some ancient piece of computer hardware past its point of obsolescence. Be careful not to horde camera film too long.

    If you were given the last roll of a kind of film, and the one specialized lab that could develop it was closing soon, what photos would you shoot with it?
    Dude, seriously, WHAT handkerchief?

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    Re: The last roll of Kodachrome

    Yes and in 40 years time, everyone will be using 3D Holocameras and our currrent digital 2D cameras will be relagated to being relics of a age past or some such thing.

    I'm surprised those airport agents didn't go nuts and remove the film from the camera and start exposing it broad daylight because of some paranoid sense.

    *Big Gasp*

    At least the film got put to some good use touring parts of the world and didn't end up wasted by some amateur photographer.
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