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Netgear Model MR814, 802.11B

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  • Netgear Model MR814, 802.11B

    Hey guys, I have 3 computers running on one Adelphia connection. One of the computers is a Dell which is wired directly into the router and the other two computers are connected wireless in 2 separate rooms. The Dell, which is wired, when used to play CS:S, plays perfectly. However when we use one of the computers in a separate room, something is messed up.

    Playing in a separate room for us is fine, its perfect. However when in my brothers server people tell him that he is "skipping" and "jumping" around. It is annoying, when you're in one place and somehow end up 5 feet over to the right. But the thing is, on the monitor it looks perfectly fine! So my guess is that the router is having a problem. I was wondering what this problem might be and how could I fix it?

    The computer we are talking about is using Netgear 54 Mpbs Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter WG111.


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    Re: Netgear Model MR814, 802.11B

    I have that exact wireless router, and have had no problems playing NS, BF2, WC3, or any other game. I am, however, always playing over a WIRED connection, as the laptops that I have used wirelessly are not beefy enough to game on. Even over the wireless though, I have had no problems with general internet usage.

    I would check possibly your port forwardings, and your router's firmware. I have upgraded my firmware a couple of times to upgrade odd problems here and there, none of them happened to be listed on the fixes for the firmware, but they were fixed anyways. Just make sure you're upgrading to the right firmware, the MR814 has 2 revisions, and you can't use the firmware for revision 2 on revision 1, and visa-versa.




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