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Can you have a virus on your router??

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  • Can you have a virus on your router??

    Alright well it's been happening for about 2-3 weeks now. And what's been happening is my browser keeps redirecting me to random websites and some pages won't load. I'm using the newest version of Firefox. Sometimes I want to go to Facebook, and it will either load quickly, take a LONG time to load, or will keep saying the page cannot be displayed as if my internet is down or the site is down, but I can go on Facebook on my phone which doesn't make sense... I frequently go on for updates and addons for my phone, and recently the site keeps redirecting me to random sites or sometimes it will look as if it loads and says done in the bottom left, but i'm on a blank page... and the site has updates on it everyday so I KNOW the site isn't down... I don't understand what's happening. It happens everywhere, randomly i'll be redirected to stupid ad sites or travel sites or just random irrelevant websites. It usually will go to the correct website if I go back and re-click the link again then it will go to the right page.

    I thought I had a virus, but Kaspersky is turning up nothing and I even tried on my mom's and sister's computers and it happens on their's too... And they use Google Chrome, so I know it's not firefox only...

    Is there some kind of website virus going around that's affecting people who go to that site or is my router (which i believe is over 8 years old) infected or just screwing up? I'm usually good at figuring out these little problems with my families computers but this has me going crazy...

    Yesterday I was able to go on the site with ease and I was excited thinking the site was back up and running, but today it's messing up again... redirecting every time I link to the site or shows a blank white page when i type in the site manually.

    Does anyone know anything about this weird browser problem?

    P.S. I have tried many things from virus scans and I even reformated the other day so I have a completely clean PC and it's still doing it... I'm considering downloading Opera browser to see how it reacts. I've tried researching this problem but nothing turns up about browser redirects or pages not wanting to load even though they do work because I check on my phone which has opera browser on it and all sites work fine...

    If I forgot anything or if anyone wants to know any more details that'll help the investigation let me know!!

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    Re: Can you have a virus on your router??

    Have you tried connecting your PC to your modem and bypassing the router?


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      Re: Can you have a virus on your router??

      Sounds like what my brother had going on his computer a couple weeks ago. His problem was a trojan and rootkit that edited the routing IN windows (not through the router, cause it didnt effect any of my 3 machines) and caused it to redirect him to other websites 9 times out of 10 or not load pages at all.

      Your best bet:
      1. Spybot. Get it, run it.
      2. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
      3. ALWAYS have a safe system restore point set up after every time you do a major install/system change. That way, if you manage to hose yourself like this somehow, you can just revert back to your restore point and all is right with the world for a while so you can track the culprit.

      For the two programs I recommended, they're both free. However, RUN THEM IN SAFE MODE. If you dont, chances are, the virus/trojan/whatever is going to be sneaky and detect that you're running them and hide itself. Its fairly common practice these days for viruses to do that. So give that a shot and report back with results. :)


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        Re: Can you have a virus on your router??

        Ferris, many of these types of trojans/malwares live in system restores or infect them. Relying on them is just a good way to put the problem off for a little while.

        My parents' PC had some issues with malware changing their proxy settings in their browsers, so webpages would not load at all.


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          Re: Can you have a virus on your router??

          Turn System Restore off.
          Then turn it back on again.
          That should delete any restore points that could be sources of reinfection.

          Ferris has mentioned some good tools.
          One I've been using alot recently also is:





          TeamSpeak 3 Server


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