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  • System opinion.

    Wow been a long time but thinking I may soon be able to rejoin TG at the computer.

    Anyways planning on building a computer then saw an ad for this thing and seriously thinking about it.

    Video Card: 2x GEFORCE GTX 470
    CPU: AMD Phenom II 1090t 6 core black edition @ 3.2GHZ (each core runs at 3.2!)
    Mother Board: ASUS 980A SLI motherboard (M4N98TD EVO)
    Ram: 8gb (4x2gb) of RIPJAW 1600mhz DDR3 Memory
    Power Supply: Silverstone 800watt Olympia Series
    Case: NZXT tempest case with 4 blue led 120mm fans and 2 140mm case fans on top
    Hard Drive: Seagate 320gb 16mb cashe 7200rpm
    DVD drive: LG 22x SUPER MULTI drive

    I can pick up all the above for $1100 Canadian. Am looking for an opinion or two before I commit. It has been a long time since I even thoguht about computer components and am seriously out of the loop.

    This will be used, primarily, for photo editing, gaming and multimedia playback. (mostly watching movies. Also no interest in overclocking.


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    Re: System opinion.

    Sure, it's a "nice" rig especially if you want a space heater in the winter rolled into one with a PC. ;)

    Not to mention you're gonna be sucking down close to 800W of power (assuming about 600W of DC usage @ 80% efficiency = 820W roughly).
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      Re: System opinion.

      I wouldn't take that deal. You could build a similar system with gtx 460's at the same cost and lower your power usage by a ton. You'd have to build it though.

      You can also choose the look of the case from which you now have and didn't before and get great deals on your components.

      What i'm trying to say is it's not a super deal, i'd shop around.

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        Re: System opinion.

        Odd you would say not such a great deal.

        I looked up prices for the system at, Canada Computers, and and I was getting numbers, after taxes around $2000.
        The system I had previously spec'd out and was planning on building was considerably less then this around this but around the same price before taxes.

        Anyways, it was a time limited thing and I ended up picking it up. First impressions are great. Stuck the demo for ARMA II OA on it and it runs it silky smooth at max settings.

        Thanks for the opinions.


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          Re: System opinion.

          Hey Toshido,

          First, is this deal for a computer thats brand new? used? refurbished? Might help if we know the nature of the system that you'd be getting. Based off the info you posted, I would probably have to disagree with Vulcan and say that it seems like a pretty good deal to me. If these are brand new components, the CPU and both graphics cards will run you about $900 alone, the memory another $200 roughly. Between those components alone you're already talking $1100 worth of value roughly. That doesn't include the motherboard, power supply, case, hard drive or optical drive.

          I do agree with Vulcan that the GeForce GTX 460's are more attractive to me than GTX 470's right now. The 460 performance is relatively close to what you get with a 470, but it runs much cooler and uses less power. Other than that, you're still looking at a very powerful machine that will run any game and perform any task you throw at it and is also built to be future proof.
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            Re: System opinion.

            Sorry to not be clear. Everything is brand new. Kid I bought it from builds computers as a hobby business. Mostly sells them to friends and family. This computer was built for a friend that was trading in a quad core computer the guy built for more power

            Heat and noise are surprises to me. The new computer runs FAR cooler then the old HP M800n desktop or the HP TX 2550 laptop. That laptop can burn you if it sits on your lap too long :)
            Also far quieter then I expected considering the number of fans in the case. I remember OLD video cards making more noise then this whole system.


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              Re: System opinion.

              So you pulled the trigger on the deal? Awesome, hope you enjoy gaming on your new machine!
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