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  • File comparison utility

    I need a Win32 utility that will compare two entire NTFS partitions, and keep going when bad sectors are encountered. The output would probably be a list of files that either miscompare or are present on one drive and not the other. (Attribute comparisons are also highly desirable.)

    I just replaced a drive in a system with SMART failures from bad sectors. I used EASEUS TODO Backup to clone the old drive onto a new, bigger one. Now I want to compare the contents of the two drives to make sure the copy is good.
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    Re: File comparison utility

    I can't seem to find any tool that'll even do what you want in one package. I've found some basic duplicate finders but they only work in a single directory, not across directories.

    The only other tool left that I've actually used is TreeSize Free. It'll list everything in your drive (or drives) and would at least let you do a visual comparison of sizes of files/folders (will list by type if you expand it down to the lowest folders).

    I would think such a tool exists since that would be very important time-saver if I had to go and clone a few hundred drives.
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      Re: File comparison utility

      Hex Workshop will do raw drive reads and comparisons... At least the older versions do. I haven't had a newer version of it since 4.2.




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