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Monitor opinion-1 Samsung T260HD or 2 ASUS MS228H

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  • Monitor opinion-1 Samsung T260HD or 2 ASUS MS228H

    I am wondering basically if it is better to have one big monitor or two smaller monitors to use while gaming. Here are the basic specs:
    Asus MS228H
    Samsung T260HD

    On one side, I have a huge screen which doubles as a tv and has 1920 x 1200 resolution.

    On the other side, I have dual monitors, 2ms gtg response time, and a smaller dot pitch.

    I am pretty much clueless as the to advantages of dual monitors in a Battlefield game like BF2 or BC2 though I can imagine what they might be so any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Monitor opinion-1 Samsung T260HD or 2 ASUS MS228H

    Games (most at least, the battlefield series does not) themselves don't support dual monitors, but you can open up TS and other types of stuff on your other monitor and make use of it that way.

    I have that Samsung display as my main monitor, and I have to say, I absolutely love it. Picture quality is great and view angles are fairly generous. I have it on a swing arm mount and have my 360 hooked up to it for Netflix and console games. I also have an older 19" ViewSonic alongside it, but the Samsung functions as my main monitor for the PC.

    On the other hand, a friend of mine has two 22/23" (forget which size) monitors next to each other, and the symmetry is great. In the end, both options will leave you very pleased.


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      Re: Monitor opinion-1 Samsung T260HD or 2 ASUS MS228H

      Like Anospa said, most games don't support multimonitor setups by themselves, but you can usually force it by having the extra monitors extend main screen.

      Multiple monitors is great for work with such programs such as Maya and 3DS Max. Watching a video while you're typing/working on something else on the main screen. So on and so forth.

      I'd probably just go with the single large monitor rather than several smaller monitors unless you see a productive need for a multimonitor setup and have the space and money for it.

      I don't have that particular Samsung screen, but I do have a very similar 1920 x 1200 25.5" ASUS VW266H (same display size and resolution and also a TN panel). I can work well with it and it's helpful for those longer documents where I need to look back or forward a page (or two).
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        Re: Monitor opinion-1 Samsung T260HD or 2 ASUS MS228H

        Oh, I forgot to mention the resolution perks. I can open up MS Word and have two actual size pieces of paper on my screen to type on. When I was in class, having Excel/CAD/Word, whatever I needed going on my main monitor while putting reference material on the other was amazing.

        At the office, I have 2 22" monitors; again amazing for getting work done. CAD open on one screen with specs/email/etc on the other as well as any tool palettes I'd need.

        I'm assuming you currently have a monitor? I'd personally go for the larger one (provided you have the desk space and can position the monitor far enough away from your eyes) and hook up the one you have currently.


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          Re: Monitor opinion-1 Samsung T260HD or 2 ASUS MS228H

          I have that Samsung and it's perfect for gaming. Just make sure your video card can handle pushing the extra pixels. I don't think I could game on a dual monitor setup due to the bezels. Maybe if I could get two that had super thin bezels I'd be able to.

          At work it's a different story though. I love having 2 22in monitors. Makes it easier to separate your work.

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            Re: Monitor opinion-1 Samsung T260HD or 2 ASUS MS228H

            I would only recommend Dual monitors to those who use their rigs for some form of work. For example, I work at home, so it's important to me. I also do a lot of graphic work, so it helps there, too. As far as dual monitors go for usefulness to a straight-gaming machine, I'd have to say it's little. It is nice to have TS3 and other gaming things on my secondary monitor while I play on the primary monitor. But it's not necessary to my enjoyment.
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              Re: Monitor opinion-1 Samsung T260HD or 2 ASUS MS228H

              I have the Samsung t260hd and love it. But I doubt you will be able to find it for sale, and if you do it will be really expensive, since it was discontinued.
              I posted about it being on sale a few months ago and said grab it before it's too late. It might be too late. Unless you go refurb.


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