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Screen position keeps snapping back every time I change the position

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  • Screen position keeps snapping back every time I change the position

    Okay, this is really annoying. I updated my graphic card drivers today from NVIDIA, and the first thing I see is that the alignment for my monitor is REALLY out of place. The left and top part of my monitor are CUT OFF. It's not by much(maybe like 5-15 pixels), but it's enough that it's significantly affecting my gameplay. When I adjust it to its proper position, I play a full screen game, and then I realize that the monitor's resolution just snapped back to its old position!

    Then when I exit the game and check my desktop, the first few letters from the applications on the farthest left side are cut off! This has NEVER happened before. However, the top part was ALWAYS cut off for an odd reason I could never find out. It was fine on my desktop, but when I play a full screen game, a good junk of the top was missing. And now, to add insult to injury (due to unreliable Vista), I can't seem to fix the left side. Any tips? My default resolution is 1366 x 768.

    P.S: I don't know if it's just me, but I seem to be repeating a few words in the paragraph quite often, so please forgive me if it gets boring or confusing to read.

    Edit: For some reason, sometimes it just wants to stay put after I change it, but then it eventually messes itself up again on random times -.-
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    Re: Screen position keeps snapping back every time I change the position

    Go through you monitor's control panel (hit the menu button on the bezel) and adjust the H-Position and V-Position. Sounds like those are off.

    The H and V positions should be under Display Settings or some similar category or under Setup.
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      Re: Screen position keeps snapping back every time I change the position

      I dont think its a problem with the monitor itself acreo. from his problem description, it sounds like he uses the nvidia control panel to set his resolution properly for the monitor, but when he goes into game, it adjusts the resolution for the game and makes it out of whack. then after he exits the game, the game resolution sticks on the desktop, causing him to have to re-adjust.

      my suggestion would be to revert your drivers to a previous stable version where you didnt have the problems for now, until you have a specific solution to the problem.




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