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Microsoft releases updated Windows Live apps

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  • Microsoft releases updated Windows Live apps

    I wanted to post about this because it is kind of another example of MS fixing their stuff right. I have been using the beta stuff for a while now, and it really is so much better than the older versions.

    I have mainly used the photo app. It isn't anything as good as GIMP,, or Photoshop, but it is just a quick and easy app to use to tweak a pic. I may try out the new movie maker later today if I get a chance.

    Microsoft releases updated Windows Live apps

    One interesting thing I want to try:
    The photo program adds a number of features including face recognition and the ability to combine multiple group photos, choosing the best shot of each person to create a new, better family photo. Microsoft is also adding more options in Photo Gallery and Movie Maker for uploading to other services as part of a concerted effort to focus not just on its own Web services, but also more widely used services, such as Facebook.


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    Re: Microsoft releases updated Windows Live apps

    I keep getting a codec issue with W Movie Maker that screws me when I attempt to render some AVI's from fraps. Seems random. Downloaded all the codec and still happens!:(




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