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  • Digital TV help please

    Ok so here is the deal, I have 1 digital cable box that feeds my main set in the living room. My kids want flat LCD TV's for Christmas (not big me), I purchased the new TV's and tried them out in their rooms while they were gone. The problem is the normal cable channels look kinda....grainy, yet when the TV picks up the "over the air" digital channels the picture is gorgeous. Now I know that with only 1 digital box on my living room set that the living room TV is the only one getting all the channels digitally. Is there any way to get the kids TV's all the channels digitally without having to get a new digital box from my cable provider for each TV?
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    Re: Digital TV help please

    The "over the air" channels are all being broadcast in HD nowadays, and your most likely seeing the improved picture from the HD. Most cable company's are still broadcasting their "basic cable" package, requiring no convertor box, in plain old analog. The older style analog just doesn't look that good on a newer tv, especially when you're used to HD or digital services from a convertor. There isn't any way I know of to get "digital" services on a TV without the convertor from either a cable or satellite provider. You can get HD, as mentioned earlier, from "antenna services", but depending on where you live the amount of "antenna" channles can be pretty darn limited.

    You could call your service provider and have them check the quality of signal in the kids bedrooms. If it's older lines, older passive equipment, and/or a do-it-yourself setup you're signal quality could be poor resulting in the grainy, not-so-good pictures. With digital you either have enough signal for a picture or you don't. With analog the lower the quality of the signal (strength, noise, etc), the lower the quality of the picture. Where I used to work, we would do service calls on existing lines, sometimes even replacing them completely, at no charge. Depending on the cost, it's worth a shot. Option 2 is to get the new shiny cable convertors to go with the new TV.

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      Re: Digital TV help please

      been here..tried everything..

      only choice is to eat the extra $8 +tax for each box and go on with it..that is for our local cable..not sure what you would have to pay if you have satellite or whatever..


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        Re: Digital TV help please

        OTA (over the air) HD broadcasts are of MUCH higher quality (typically 19+ Mbits/sec) than that of the cable "HD" channels (which typically range from 5 Mbits to 11 Mbits --- most are below 9 Mbits). As FYAH pointed out, you're also probably using a basic cable package that only includes SD channels which in of itself most of the programming there isn't even near SD quality (most are 360p or less --- whereas SD = 480p).
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