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    So Im looking from a little bit of help from the photshop gurus here at TG.

    I bought this Capri about 6 months back. It turned out to be a simi rust free car with some serious issues with the paint. As it lived its previous life as a dedicated track car some liberty was taken with the type of paint used. Translated, the dumb ass I bought it from painted the stripes with house paint, lots and lots of house paint.

    I have an event April next year in Central Cal called Targa California -
    As you can see there is some serious money at this event. weather it be RSR 911's or Shelby's I'm going to be out classed no matter what.

    Now I have spent the last 6 months tweaking the suspension and brakes so I can stay with these guys. Couple that with the Boss 302 motor and T5 I just got, I will have plenty of right foot to keep up or pass.

    My problem is I cant, in good conscious take the train wreck of **** paint, non period correct stickers and **** body filler pull up to the line. As a second kick in the nuts, the rest of the work has tapped my yearly car budget.

    Now this is where you guys come in.

    I have the space, time, and skill to do most of the work myself. Meaning I can strip, sand and straighten all of the body panels. I just cant afford a cherry paint job this year.

    I would like to prep it and then coat it in a olive drab with a bit of a WWII fighter tossed in for good measure. Olive drab is a flat color allowing me to do minimal prep work and it should be thick enough to cover for rust prevention to get me though to late 2014 top get it professionally done.

    So these are a few inspiration shots so you kind of see where I am going with this.

    Stanceworks BimmerBommer



    VW Cabbie

    And here is my Capri

    So to recap go nuts with the themes above on the Capri

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Photoshop Help

    5 minute quickie ( thats what she said lulzsauce)


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      Re: Photoshop Help

      Nice job Aimed! Sweet car Cougar, I can't wait to see her finished! We've got a Dagenham 2.8i sitting in the garage and there is nothing like it. Capri's are something special, even the German built ones! ;)




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