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  • The Crew showcase

    I find myself going back to The Crew for some arcade road trips all the time. Put on your own playlist, place your favorite supercar anywhere on the map and just drive for an hour or two in any direction.

    With the addition of a photo mode a few months ago I am now able to share some of the best moments. Come along for the ride.

    Miami in the Ferrari

    Taking the Mustang for a spin

    With the McLaren in the Salt Flats at night


    AMG63 around Vegas

    Drifting with the BMW 4

    Cruising in the Lambo

    Taking the Merc out for a roadtrip in the Midwest

    A night out in the Aston

    I put around 60 hours into the game. If you are looking for a arcade driving game with a great car selection and the best map in any car game ever this might be for you.
    It's a lot like TDU2 in many ways. Great map, but "interesting" handling and rough around the edges. It will pull your strings a lot (especially doing the stupid story missions), so you might want to wait for a sale if you're interested now.
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    Re: The Crew showcase

    Wow, those look like really nice, immersive backgrounds. Thanks for sharing.

    Looks like pretty cool way do "drive" a lot of expensive cars, through lots of areas you may otherwise never get to travel to IRL, for $[insert price of game here]! This is what is so cool about video games!
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