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    Here is the video that I promised to share with you guys.
    I finally got the video loaded thanks to the great SMs here at TG,(I used my SM webspace), thanks APO.
    The video is 16 minutes long and 25 MB in size.
    It isn't the final cut version, (the final cut is 20 minutes long) but I can't find the final cut.

    Here it is. --->THE VIDEO<---
    Note: I am a horrible actor, but I think I did well editing, and directing.

    Tell me what you think If you watch the video.
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    Re: My Senior ENGLISH PROJECT far im confused...what is a renaissance 'picant'? <said in the worst french accent ever

    edit: continual reference to the size of his biceps and constant telling of megellan to be quiet very humorous....

    second edit: juliet: HALARIOUS.


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      Re: My Senior ENGLISH PROJECT

      that's hilarious. I'd +rep you, but I've +repped you too recently. Can someone +rep beth for me?


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        Re: My Senior ENGLISH PROJECT

        Now, Since some of you have seen it, I can tell you about the MANY inside jokes that are in this movie.

        First off the 5 of us were the only 5 boys in our english class, so we decided to make a video for our renssaince prject.

        Second there is a cajun dish called a "insert animal here" sauce picante
        Example duck-sauce-picante, alligator-sauce-picante, shrimp-sauce-picante; we used a play on words using renna"sauce" picante. A picante is a "VARIETY of Ingredients" same as the rennasince, which included many ingedients"art, science, architecture..."

        Thirdly, Magellan "Thomas Bruce", and Micealangelo "Chase Orgeron" were the star football players at our high-school. DaVinci "Dirk Guidry" was the top in our class, class president, in all the clubs. Perry "Chris Slade" was in Honors classes with me, and an all around funny man. Galileo "me, Tyrus Smith" is the top in all the science courses at high-school, and a wiz with computer stuff. The entire thirdly section is RL stuff.

        About Thomas's muscles. He is the outcast of our group. He is the only guy who doesn't spoend most of the day gaming. Oddly enoguh all of the people in the video play CSS, Halo2, and other games. So Thomas was the preppy guy, and he always made references to his muscles and buffness in class. We made as much reference to this in the video as possible.

        Mullets are getting big around where I live (to everyone outside of school), so Thomas and a group of the guys , not including me oddly, make fun of mullets and wear dyed mullet wigs to school for dress up days etc, so we put a mullet on juliet in my sisters 5th grade halloween costume.

        The reason we used "A Stolen Production" was because the day before I finsished editing We all found out that Chase stole $500 from his G/F of 2.5 years. We were all mad at him, so we added that.

        Jason "the white wizard" is actually an albino guy who is really good at SuperSmash bros and other ninteno games, he is really good as a wizrd, and fit the part perfectly, he is 1 grade ahead of us though.

        Most of the film is shot on location at my house, those are my horses, my pirouge, my cow bones, my weldin stool, my pasture, and my bridge.

        The table that romeo is on at the towards the end of the movie is actually Chase orgeron. His knife is an interchangeble screwdriver, and the blood is Beth's jacket.

        At the end when Chris jumped into the levee canal, we later discovered that it was a sewage canal for the entire public park. The park was built so long ago that sewage mandates were not enacted, so the toilets of the park dumped into that muddy canal.

        Every single aspect of the movie has a story behind it. Watch the movie, give me feedback, ask questions about stuff, and I wil ltell you a behind the scenes of what is going on.


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          Re: My Senior ENGLISH PROJECT

          Ah I've found the video so I'll watch it!!!
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