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The SWAT series... revisted...

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  • The SWAT series... revisted...

    After the release, testing, and disappointment of the Rainbow6: Lockdown demo...(IMO)...

    I started thinking about the direction of some great series, and not happy with what I see... for instance Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six series... both started out as GREAT, Classic games... but have slowly gone to the worst side, again IMO.

    This AM I was thinking about the SWAT series... it hasn't let me down...sure it still ain't perfect, and SWAT4 went a little back wards in some areas, but overall each new version was a hugh improvement. (and at least Irrational Games have admitted mistakes in SWAT4 and correcting "some" of them in the upcoming add-on.)

    I played the first SWAT game which if I remember correctly was a video movie game, but don't remember it too well, it was OK, but not great...

    Well I still have installed and re-visited SWAT 2, 3, and 4 this AM.

    SWAT2 was more of a strategy game, but what I remember most about it was using K9 and the SWAT tank:

    SWAT3 was a great game, especially after the add-ons and updates were released, I still revisit the game once in a while. (many, but not me, claim SWAT3 is still better then SWAT4... I disagree, but to each it's own... still a great, classic game):

    and now SWAT4 the cream of the crop, and thou still not perfect, still the best in the series, and should be improved with the upcoming add-on:

    So, my re-visit this AM has shown me that thou some of the great, classics have gone to hello... my beloved SWAT series has not, and only keeps getting better... IMO! ;)
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    Re: The SWAT series... revisted...

    I played swat 1...didnt like it much.....didnt come back until swat 4...i like swat game...hard, but fun...


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      Re: The SWAT series... revisted...

      I've never played any of the games before SWAT4. I love SWAT4: realistic, tough, fun to play.




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