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TG GR Re-Do screens (01/31)

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  • TG GR Re-Do screens (01/31)

    ok... I'm not going to be doing this every single time we play a game, I've just been doing it for the first month of the newly formed "Game Club" were we re-visit old but great games once a week (with a possible "re-do" day later in the week, like this night) so incite participation, and fun at re-visiting some of PC's truly great games...

    so... we had so much fun with GR Sunday, we decided on a "Re-Do"... here are 10 shots of the action... understand, once again, due to server settings the screens aren't that great, but if you participate, each one tells a small story...

    (oh, and i forgot to downsize them before I uploaded to my site... oh well, deal with it.)

    First suspect, oh sorry, enemy spotted, wait for permission to take the shot, permission granted, pull the trigger and... server lock up number 1, lol:

    2nd try, damn we look good in green... crash number 2:

    new map, we spawn together, we die together...

    that me on the left, my support on the right... ouch...

    Wolf... right before he takes on to the head...

    turn left, turning right..with major kill count...

    2 teams covering each other...

    clearing the hiding behind the tire...

    Map shot of all the kills, no friendly kills (till 5 seconds before end of mission), we surround castle, one team moves in for the clearing kills... others perform perimeter duty...

    and finally the white tiger map.. the vets scared everyone before the mission even started, telling us we were all going to die within two minutes... they lied... it took about 5 minutes, so ha ha you VETS!

    the end... and I will stop now, UNLESS i get a very good, unique shot worth sharing.
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    Re: TG GR Re-Do screens (01/31)

    I miss Ghost Recon. My favorite moment was on the wetland/swamp map where I had all three team leaders as support. We slogged our way through the waste high water as slowly and as quietly as possible before coming in range of the first "island." Then I had all three (including myself) open up on suppressing fire mode. The three supports alone probably fired 500-700 rounds through the fog on to the enemy bunker and advancing hostiles. The muzzle flashes, the roaring gunfire blaring through my awesome speakers, and the bullets shredding the water all around us made for one hell of a gaming experience.

    Approaching the island that way might not have been the most tactically sound maneuver, but it sure was fun. The hell with tactics! Overwhelming firepower...that's what I say! :D


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      Re: TG GR Re-Do screens (01/31)

      even though i never really got fully into it (and by the time i did, server was updated to the addon versions) i miss GR too.....
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        Re: TG GR Re-Do screens (01/31)

        Tomorrow night there should be some Ghost Recon action right here on the TG GR server. If anyone is around, hop on and see what's going on!




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