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  • Steel Beasts Pro PE videos...

    As I mentioned last week, the long awaited military simulation, Steel Beasts Professional (Personal Edition) was released... and is incredible IMO...

    SB Pro PE is not really a computer game... it's the same software many military's around the world use to train there armor units... but the personal edition is made for personal computers for armor students to learn and practice at home, or for diehard sim fans like me willing to pay the price.

    The price? 125 bucks, yes it's steep, and it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of a "computer game", but it does simulate armor combat and armor platoon leadership very well and true.

    Check out 2 videos of the action a friend of mine made, (I would make some, but I'm still doing the hugh amount of tutorials, lol, I'm a little slow.)

    enjoy... and yes it has up to 8 player multiplayer... force on force and co-op including your own tanks or all in one tank as either the driver, gunner or TC (tank commander).
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