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  • Saber Combat Demo

    I figured I'd whore out my "OMG 1337 s4bre sk1lls" while I had the chance. One of my clanmantes has started breaking into video editing (he's still fairly new so cut him some slack).

    10 MB video clip

    You may need DivX to view it, but I don't thik so. I think it's in pure AVI format. Anyways, I'm the guy with the blue sabre with the rotating sabre setup (staff, duals). Since LuChis (the video maker) had cg_draw2d 0, he couldn't update the models correctly so it can get confusing. Hope you enjoy.

    PS: There will be more demos of our duels. If you are interested in seeing them, let me know.

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    What game is this?
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      Originally posted by Bentley
      What game is this?
      JK2 I believe.. I played it for a while but quickly turned into a game of battle by finishing moves only rather than any sort of real combat. It turned solely into a "who can jump and execute his/her pre-scripted move at the proper moment to win the round" game.

      TG didn't get that strong of a following, so it was hard to keep any real interest for the few TG members that did want to play. It was a really fun game though! I enjoyed the single player immensely.
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        It's Jedi Academy. Should have been an expansion for JK2, but that's Raven for ya.

        Once you get into the higher skill level of sabre combat, the Kata's and other special moves become more of a liability unless executed at perfect times. If you'll notice when I was using staff, the instant my opponent did his kata (he started swinging his sabre fast while standing still), I was able to counter with my own.

        Most of our duels come down to a straight match-up. Although, I would be lying if I said that the coding was 100%.

        The only aspects of JA worthwhile to the TG community would probably be siege. It's a team based objective scenario like: Rebels must defend Hoth Base, while the Imperials try and take it out through various means (blow up the shield gen). The only problem is: SW weapons suck compared to other games based around the same context (Unreal, TFC, etc).


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          Now what song is that? :)


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            Astrocreep 2000 - More human than human

            Not very Starwarsie, but we've run into problems with fraps and sound output. Granted, I haven't even really tried.




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