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  • School Movie

    Hey guys, a while back i asked for some music for my school project. Since then I found how to host stuff on google video. Anyone have some CC on it?

    BTW at the very begining there is no supposed to be sound, its kinda funky. Altough some pople hear sound at the begining, there isnt supposed to be anything.

    Hope you all enjoy!

    (Remember it wasnt serious :) )

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    Re: School Movie

    hey man, not too bad for a guy as young as you are! (I am of course assuming you are in the film)

    couple o tips for next time!
    an explanation of the challenge would have been a help (rules of the challenge)

    I find it best to bring my camera out a film for a couple or few hours before i start filming the movie,this helps my freinds( i mean actors) get used to the camera and relax a bit.

    watch a couple movies you like, but this time watch the camera angles and try to pay attention the the editing, youll see the movie differently

    always film multiple shots YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH FOOTAGE

    if youre really interested in filmaking check out some websites for newbie filmakers, they have great tips on how to make your next movie even better!

    if ya want check out a little movie i made foolin around with a couple o my mates


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      Re: School Movie

      Yeah you are right. That movie that you made is pretty sweet. BTW I am the one with the goofy hair playing xbox at the beginning.


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        Re: School Movie

        another thing to remember for next time would to to avoid the incessant credit sequences, they make up a good chunk of the runtime and in my opinion are pretty tedius and unnessary, on the whole though good job.

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