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  • GRAW Demo video clips...

    Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends... come inside, come inside, come inside...

    MagnumLand Productions brings you video clips of game play action from the recently released Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter.

    Theres good and theres bad in the demo... it's NOT Ghost Recon 1 that most of us know and love, but it's NOT Lockdown quality either...

    Lets get this party started with an introduction to the Team... Meet the Ghost:

    Then we fast rope in to the beautiful, yellow, Mexico City:

    You can control your team by a on screen menu system, just like most Tac Shooters are doing lately:

    My first kill:

    Using the Tactical Display tool:

    Quick peek:

    Check out the Cross Comm tool:

    Check out the environment:

    A fire fight:

    Flanks and Suppression:
    I attempted to use the Tac Map and order 2 ghost to the left flank, the gunner to the corner of the building to suppress with my assistance... it didn't work well. 1) he should of used the corner for protection, 2) he should of gone prone, 3) the bastard should of never left me!

    (undertand, I may just not know how to do certain things yet, but may still be in game/demo)

    My general 2 cents with more time with the demo... I'm pleased... I'm not having any of those tech problems some are claiming like sluggish mouse control, It's a nice environment (and this map reminds me alot of the bank map in GR1), The enemy AI isn't the greatest, but I've seen them flank, and maneuver against me, it's more open then I though, going around buildings and stuff, but still seems like it's leading you somewhere.

    I like the tac map, I like the cross comm view, I like the movement and combat...
    I don't like that the AI is still stupid to a point, not going prone, leaving assigned area, not taking proper cover...

    Like I said, this ain't GR1, don't look at is GR, look at it as it's own game based on "future" combat,

    C0-op I think will be nice... you give us 4 highly dedicated, highly motivated Tactical Gamers, and we will kick some serious rebel donkey...

    Hopefully modders can successfully open up co-op to a proper 12 man squad level.

    Thats it boyz, no more comments from me... I'm getting it, I will be reviewing it, you can decide on your own based on the demo, my review, and other reviews.

    remember opinions are like... everyone has one... Always respects others AH, I mean opinion.
    Magnum |TG-18th|

    We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.

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    Re: GRAW Demo video clips...

    Nice videos. The friendly AI can be a bit stupid sometimes. Not to the extent where they kill thier own team or anything but just things like occasionally not using cover properly or not going to the correct position.

    The enemy reacts to suppression quite nicley. (Firing less accuratly then hiding and shouting). I quite pleased with the demo. If the multiplayer is as good fun as I think it will be then I'll be getting this game.


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      Re: GRAW Demo video clips...

      Yeah, I'm really enjoying the demo. If my friendly dudes used cover much more often and were generally a ton more cautious, I think the game would be vastly improved, but obviously AI is a very tough thing to do right.

      Could you elaborate more on your lackof "mouse lag" or whatever? Like, does it feel like any other FPS does, or do you still have the realistic gun movement, except it doesn't feel sluggish to you? Nice videos by the way.


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        Re: GRAW Demo video clips...

        Great stuff Magnum, thanks! I noticed you didn't have any noticeable mouse lag in your gameplay. I actually went out today and bought one of those new fangled Logitech MX-518 Gaming Mouses, and it's definitely an improvement. I've still got that "mooshy" feeling when I try to aim properly.

        Here's a quick video I threw together...I hope you can see what I'm talking about. The last bit is a GL against the big truck. Note how my view wanders around? I know this is probably part of the game, but it seemed like yours was a little more responsive.

        I'm getting about 25 fps with a P4 3.2 Ghz, 2Gb RAM, and a *cough* ATI 9800XT set at Medium textures and 1280x1024. Very playable, but I'm starting to wonder if my mouse lag is just a symptom of low frame rates?

        Anyway, check it out. I especially like the heat-wave effect that comes off the truck when it blows up. Dudes, in ten years we'll be feeling the heat! LOL!

        GRAW Mouse Woes
        |TG| HOUDINI


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          Re: GRAW Demo video clips...

          Yeah, houdini, I get a bit of the same stuff, although I'm getting better FPS with a worse 3d card (since I turned the visual quality WAAAY down :D ). I heard that this was fixed int he full version, though.


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            Re: GRAW Demo video clips...

            In the flank and suppression video, use the cover button instead. Also, you can move your left flank WAY farther to the left to actually become another flank. In that particular firefight, those 2 alleys your guys were in was one flank because most of the enemies are all to the left.

            In that firefight this is how ive personally done it. LMG goes far right alleyway and starts suppressing on the center, while a sharpshooter takes the alley just to the left. I go with the sniper to the far left flank. Once the firing begins on the right flank, the sniper can take out the center positions easily while i cover the sniper.

            It works well because the enemy in that bunker in the center shifts all their attention to the right. The sniper just has to poke his head out and he can snipe about 4 of them.




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