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GRAW Screens & Vid (Possible Spoiler)

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  • GRAW Screens & Vid (Possible Spoiler)

    OK, I waited a week or so before posting anything as not to ruin the game for anyone... I'm loving the SP campaign, great action... and yes there are problems, some pretty serious, but for the most part it's alot of fun.

    WARNING: the below screenshots and video clip could be considered a spoiler, thou you won't learn much about the gameplay just by looking... but be warned anyway.

    HALO time... (daylight? into the heart of an enemy city?)

    The beautiful, big, New Mexico City...

    My feet, and a TV to watch during the flight...

    Nothing like fast roping into an active battle...

    The friends of Ghost...

    Mexico City at night...

    Taking anti air fire, a number of others go down...

    Bad guys with flashlights and guns... I thought the diamonds were stupid at first, but there only there when your Drone or other friendly forces see them... it's the future man, so quite possible...

    Blowing up one of the AA guns...

    Don't watch explosions with night vision on...

    Time for an extraction...

    and a small video clip for those who prefer video over pictures...

    Like I said, theres problems, but I'm loving the SP campiagn... alot of action, and not a run and gun.

    Back to the campaign.
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    Re: GRAW Screens & Vid (Possible Spoiler)

    well whats the point of getting it now....its spoiled.
    that sounds like a good idea trooper.




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