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  • See what your missing...

    America's Army... one of the greatest, most realistic squad tactical shooters ever made, and it's FREE.

    Not only does Tactical Gamer have there own dedicated honor server, we have a dedicated game night every Friday starting at 2100 hours Eastern...

    And if that wasn't enough, America's Army is one of four games that are cycled through the official Tactical Gamers Game Club, which meets every Sunday at 2100 hours Eastern, with a early bird special starting at 2000 hours Eastern.

    Watch and see what your missing, then join us Friday or Sunday nights (when in rotation.)

    Recommend you right click and save as to download, for lag free viewing...

    High Quality, Full Screen DivX version:

    Low Quality, Full Screen Windows Media version:

    and because I love my iPod, and download and view videos on it at family gatherings, or when waiting for a tow truck, or when watching a dead body till the detectives arrive... Is this an addiction? lol

    iPod version:

    I planned on making a nice, well edited music video of the action... but frankly, I just have to much to do and not enough time to do them, just doing this much took over four hours, lol... so it's just simply made, edited down for time, no special effects, no transitions, no pretty music, and no coordination... just pure raw footage.
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    Re: See what your missing...

    Sweet vid; makes me want to start playing that game again.




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