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Tactical Gamer 07/05/2006 Call of Duty 2 AAR

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  • Tactical Gamer 07/05/2006 Call of Duty 2 AAR

    In the style of Magnum's excellent "screenshot AARs" for SWAT, America's Army, and other games, I thought I'd write a similar AAR for last night's Tactical Gamer Call of Duty 2 action. We had a solid turnout and some great games.

    At Tactical Gamer, we've heavily modified Call of Duty 2 to play less like an arcade game and more like a realistic tactical shooter. We play only the Search and Destroy gametype, where one team must plant an explosive charge at one of two objectives (either A or B) while the other team defends the two objectives. Teams switch randomly between attacking and defending, so that each side has an opportunity to perform both tasks.

    The action takes place in successive rounds, where each team spawns at full strength at the beginning of a round and must perform its task of attacking or defending. If a player is killed during a round, he must wait (spectate) for the rest of the round and hope that his remaining teammates are able to accomplish the goal. A round lasts a maximum of seven minutes, and the first team to win seven rounds wins the match.

    Moelingen, Belgium
    The evening's action started to heat up in the small village of Moelingen. At first we only had a few players per team, but within a five-minute period we had several players join and fill out the ranks. In this map, each objective is a mortar position surrounded by sandbags.

    On defense.

    Here you can see two of my teammates moving off to protect Objective A. My partner is working his way south to protect Objective B (the green arrows on the compass are friendlies). My job is to work with my parter to help protect B.

    Here are Clodhopper and Mr. Flibijiba protecting A while their teammates come under fire at B.

    Here is kin3, protecting B from the concealment of a bush after a teammate has gone down. (Clodhopper and Mr. Flibijiba are the two friendlies over at A, as shown in the screenshot immediately above.)

    On the attack.

    Here, my job is to cause a diversion at A while the rest of my team attacks B (notice the compass). I've thrown a smoke grenade ahead of me to mask my movements.

    Here is checkmate, covering his teammates during their attack on B, as he observes the movement of an enemy soldier through his scope...

    ....and here is checkmate confirming his kill.

    Here is Clodhopper covering the explosive charge (the small yellow box near the middle of the screen) after it has been planted at B. Once the charge has been planted, the defending team has 60 seconds to defuse it. Clodhopper, as the only remaining player on the attacking team, must hold off the defenders until the charge detonates.

    Despite a valiant effort, Clodhopper was overwhelmed by the enemy. Here, Pvt. Hills (of the defending team) defuses the explosive charge. The 60-second clock in the upper left corner of the screen indicates how much time is left before the charge detonates. It displays only to the defuser, and only when he is actually defusing the charge.

    L'Auberge du Beauvais, France
    For the next match, we were taken to a small village in France. This map takes place just before dawn, so it's very dark and misty. The objectives here include a mortar position and a cache of fuel barrels.

    On the attack.

    Here, my team approaches the village from the northeast. Clodhopper rallies us (notice the VOIP icon in the upper left corner), and we decide to take an underground tunnel into the village. We'll drop down into the tunnel via a ladder, which is in the barn directly ahead.

    My team makes its way through the tunnel...

    ...we've made it to the area directly under the village...

    ...and here we've resurfaced just outside the southwest corner of the village, near Objective A.

    We quietly creep up to A and toss smoke grenades over the wall to mask our movement...

    ...and we successfully plant the charge, although nearly everyone dies in the attempt. You can see the charge near the middle of the screen, right next to the mortar position.

    On defense.

    Here, my team disperses to protect the objectives. The majority goes to B, while a few of us drop back to cover A.

    Mr. Flibijiba spots movement in this window while covering B; a silhouette is barely visible through the mist.

    While protecting B, Pvt. Riffle engages an enemy solider on the second floor of the house to the north of B. (B is visible to the left, underneath the array of awnings.)

    FlaK Battery
    The next map involved vulnerable FlaK batteries in the German countryside. This is a very open map that takes place in the daytime.

    On the attack.

    Here, my partner and I move toward A to create a distraction while the rest of the team attacks B.

    Using the binoculars to confirm a kill.

    V2 Rocket Facility
    Next we moved to a map that involves a lot of CQB. One team must defend a V2 rocket and its radio equipment while the other team penetrates the compound and attempts to destroy them.

    On defense.

    Here is the exterior area of the compound, where the V2 rocket (Objective B) sits in its launch bay. You can see many doors leading out of the compound to this area, as well as an overlook at the top right corner of the screen that houses Objective A.

    In this sequence, two of my teammates protect A (the radio equipment) while enemy soldiers breach the door between them. Notice how they're working as a two-man team, with each covering the other's blind angles. (Although it's not visible in this screenshot, there is a door behind the man on the right.) The man on the right is firing his weapon...

    ...and has likely downed at least one enemy soldier...

    ...and then finally he has eliminated the last enemy soldier. Objective A has been protected successfully, so my two teammates move up to inspect their work. According to the clock, this little engagement lasted about five seconds.

    On the attack.

    In this sequence, my team penetrates the compound and makes its way out to the V2 rocket. Here, we start making our way through some of the cramped hallways...

    ...moving cautiously around corners...

    ...and finally emerging just to the west of Objective B. Notice the smoke used to mask movement.

    Turning quickly to his right, Pvt. Malarky makes a kill. (If you're wondering why Malarky, playing as a German, is using an American weapon, it's because he picked it up from a dead American soldier. Not only is it possible to pick up weapons lying around, it's also possible to lose your weapon during an engagement.)

    Named for the large waterfall that dominates the west end, this map takes place in a small town that is split by a mined river. If a player steps in the water, he will be killed by a mine, so the river is off limits! This map always features some excellent urban combat.

    On the attack.

    In this sequence, you can see these two players, working as partners, making a textbook plant of the charge on Objective A (the bridge). Each player throws a smoke grenade for cover, and then one player moves to plant while the other player covers him.

    You can see the smoke billowing on each side of the bridge, providing a nice screen... the charge is planted.

    Then, after the charge is planted (visible on the large log) and the smoke dissipates, one player moves off to the left and the other player moves off to the right. (Both cover the charge from concealed positions until it detonates successfully, destroying the bridge.)

    Here is a screenshot that captures the moment just before Malarky, while covering his teammates, made a beautiful 138-yard shot on this poor German soldier.

    Random Screenshots
    Here are some random screenshots from other maps we played over the course of the night.

    Fighting the Russians and the cold in Borisovka, Russia.

    Capt. Winters preparing to ambush a German soldier from a doorway in the village of St. Gatien, France.

    Charging up Hill 24 under cover of smoke.

    Bounding overwatch in the drenched fighting in Durdon, France.

    Rip engaging a German soldier in house-to-house fighting in Durdon, France.

    Capt. Winters moving down a street to defuse the charge in Brunville, France.

    Liberator hugging a wall as he flanks while protecting the charge in Stalag 17B, Austria.

    Hopefully this gives you a taste of how we play Call of Duty 2 at Tactical Gamer. Please join us for some great tactical team play. More information is available in our own Call of Duty 2 forums.
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    Re: Tactical Gamer 07/05/2006 Call of Duty 2 AAR

    Even without the kind words for my past sharings... excellent stuff, this is what I like to see and read from different games. This makes me want to play more, and get involved, everyone dedicated to a certain game should share more experiences to your fellow brothers and sisters at TG. ;)
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      Re: Tactical Gamer 07/05/2006 Call of Duty 2 AAR

      Strag, excellent work buddy.

      This thing should be on the front page! Hopfully it will attract some new guys to a cracking game.


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        Re: Tactical Gamer 07/05/2006 Call of Duty 2 AAR

        Good stuff! Every time I read an AAR like this, it makes me want to get the game. A burden and a blessing, it is.
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          Re: Tactical Gamer 07/05/2006 Call of Duty 2 AAR

          Nice work Strag!

          Good games last night. Its almost like AA tactical gameplay meets World War 2 with TG and I loves it. I can only play this game online with TG... I can't STAND it when my team goes their own way and it just turns into a quake 3 rocket arena match.

          So really, it's TG that makes the game enjoyable online and to ANYONE intrested in trying it out, let me assure you playing on our server is WAY different than any other CoD2 server you've played on.

          Oh and next time I rally the troops and say we should take the tunnel and surprise the enemy, don't listen to me :P That was a long walk into a slaughter house :D


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            Re: Tactical Gamer 07/05/2006 Call of Duty 2 AAR

            Was a blast. Had some good times until CoD crashed. Could not get it to run. Good games to all who showed up.

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              Re: Tactical Gamer 07/05/2006 Call of Duty 2 AAR

              V2 Rocket Facilty! That's an old MOHAA map...must've played that 3000 times...:)

              If I can get COD2 to run again I'll definitely join you guys. Had some difficulty after a patch, but I'll try again.


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                Re: Tactical Gamer 07/05/2006 Call of Duty 2 AAR

                I was going to say that V2 map looked VERY familiar. Good write up!




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