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    I just got my copy of VBS1 yesterday... This is the first mission I tested, and my after action review of that mission.

    VBS1 is a great product, but I do not attempt to convince or sell this product by sharing this information. VBS1 is way to expensive IMO for the average, or even dedicated user... but I did buy it and going to get my monies worth by sharing AAR's, screens, and videos of the action.

    If you have a modded OFP then you don't need VBS1... wait for Armed Assault anyway.
    Well here it goes, my first AAR of a VBS1 mission.

    Pre-screens, since this is the first time just sharing:

    Mission Briefing:
    I am spec ops M (we don't use our real names)... I am the squad leader for Alpha Black 1, our mission is to infiltrate a town, locate and rescue two Apache pilots.

    Bravo Red 1 has a mission to locate and destroy the Apache helicopter... both teams are then to reach the extraction point.

    Mission Start:

    First thing I do after insertion is to check my map and compass, get my bearings and move the squad out. (How come I'm spec ops but yet don't have a GPS device yet...expendable maybe? lol)

    We move out in wedge formation, to maximize our firepower while protecting our flanks. In this formation I should be the first to crest any obstacle or hill.

    We have about 8 KM to hike, but just past the half way point we spot two insurgents, probably look outs.

    I engage and take them out before they can radio in our position.

    As we get closer to the objective, the town comes into view:

    I use my scope to survey the area and situation, I decide to take the right side first, then move in from right to left clearing the town, while I look for the captured pilots.

    I then order my men to hold fire, go prone, and we low crawl nearly 100 meters using the rolls of the desert to get into a better fighting position.

    I stay low, low crawling as close as possible, for an accurate and first shot kill.

    I then spot two more look outs to the far right of the town, there getting to close for comfort so I decide to engage. Both are taken down quickly. I hope that the sound from my machine gun don't travel far and alert the rest of the town.

    Unfortunately, the sound does travel very well over the desert floor...we are heard, the civilians run in a panic, while armed insurgents move to engage us. I order the team in a line formation for more firepower and let them engage at will.

    We have to be careful not to shoot any unarmed citizens.

    Line formation, engage at will.

    After we take out targets that we can see, I decide to move the team using bounding overwatch to the right side of the town, once there we go prone and identify citizens and insurgents, careful to shoot only the insurgents.

    I order the team in column formation, easier to move and clear through the town.

    I take out anyone with a weapon.

    I destroy the technical truck so it can't be used on us later.

    We continue moving through the residential area, stay close to the walls but not to close, clearing as much as possible, but unfortunately one of my men gets hit from a sniper up in a watch tower.

    My team continues to move through the town, but it's getting harder to spot friend from foe, eventually I am taken out, my life ends and so does the mission.

    and the bad guy who got me.

    WHAT?, I am talking to you from my grave... you didn't expect every mission, and every AAR to be successful now did you. It was my first one, I should of never been qualified to lead a team like this. Maybe my next virtual soldier will have more success. ;)
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    Re: Delta Ops 01 AAR

    Another great AAR, Magnum. Very nice. Thanks for this!


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      Re: Delta Ops 01 AAR

      Very nice Magnum, thanks for posting. Could you post some shots of the largest city from VBS1? I'm interested in seeing how it compares to OFP.




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