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  • Camping trip

    Hey all, I'm back from my camping trip so I thought I'd share some pics. My girlfriend Jessica and I went to Tahquamenon State Park in the upper peninsula of Michigan for a 5 day camping trip this week. So here are some pics of some of the cool stuff we found.

    Our humble campsite:

    View of the river from our campsite:

    Here I am cookin' up a mean steak dinner:

    Two-tracking out to some of the more remote hiking trails:

    Jessica and Chipper sitting on an overlook near Clark Lake, which we found on a hike:

    The Edmund Fitzgerald's bell:

    Sunset at the campsite:
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    Re: Camping trip

    Thats quite the sunset, thanks for sharing :D

    I want to go camping soon... kananaskis country in Alberta, beautiful place in the rockies I used to go to a lot of a kid.


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      Re: Camping trip

      Thanks for sharing, Sinz! Looks like it was a lot of fun!
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        Re: Camping trip

        Looks like you had a great trip! I try to make it to the UP once a year for some fun and photography. Tahquamanon is awesome and can wait to get up there for my fall color tour.

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