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VBS1 Nogovan Excursion Co-Op AAR

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  • VBS1 Nogovan Excursion Co-Op AAR

    This is the third mission played this AM, it's a little more combined arms/Armor based then the other two.

    Go behind enemy lines to an airport, and destroy to HIND's at that location.

    Mission brief:

    My gear:

    There is an M1A1 and 2 M3 Bradley's for the taking. I am the gunner of the M1A1 Abrams, with my driver/tank commander... Gordon.

    We move out and within minutes we run into a couple of enemy armor units, supported by infantry... we begin the battle:

    Infantry units on the hill top:

    After clearing the outpost of the enemy tanks, and infantry support we move on to the airport and hull down for engagement on more enemy tanks:

    We're completely out of MBT rounds (Sabots and Heat) So we fall back to the other Bradley still unused:

    And now we engage via the Bradley Fighting Vehicle:

    I can't quite reach the target due to the low angle, so the TC exits and engages with a Javelin, not realistic, but fun, lol:

    More targets are destroyed, but our Bradley takes a mean hit and is destroyed, we exit and move towards the battle again:

    One of our fine soldiers, sneaks into the airport base and steals a Hind, again not realistic but fun:

    He decides to come to us and pick us up, I join in as the gunner:

    My gunner cockpit:

    we see some enemy infantry out in the open, I let loose with the 30mm cannon:

    Hit, and they go flying through the air from the force of the rounds exploding on there bodies:

    Then a little rocket action:

    We destroy the remaining choppers, the mission is complete but we need to wait for an evac, 2 minutes out:

    Well as luck would have it, while waiting for the evac enemy armor units attempt to retake the airport, we go high to the roof tops in a hope to hold them off:

    I fire my AT4 at one of the BMP's but the tail end of the helicopter gets in the way and takes the blunt of the hit:

    I don't know what happened... a few infantry with depleted Javelin launchers and AT4's against an armor force is not a good thing, I die and shortly after the rest do, the mission ends, we met the objective, but just couldn't hold off the final re-assault... hey three missions, 2 good, we end with a bad... 2-1-0 not bad.

    Magnum |TG-18th|

    We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.



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