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Just don't call it "Soldner"...

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  • Just don't call it "Soldner"...

    If you pick up the new PC game titled "Maine Corps",(at your local Walmart for 20 bucks), you'll notice alot of pretty pictures, alot of nice bullets on what is in the game... but the one thing you won't see anywhere on the box is the word "Soldner"...

    You see, "Soldner", or it's full name "Soldner: Secret Wars" brings up bad gaming blood, a game that had so much promise but never reached it potential, eventually the majority moved on to bigger and better things...

    Well the developers never stopped trying, and a number of fixes, patches, and even a add-on titled "Marines" was released... but it still never brought back the fire, thou many die hards (mostly Germans) swear it's the best game ever.

    Well, secretly, without great fan fare, the develops finally re-released the game, but they sure ain't calling it Soldner, like I said it's no where on the box... but thats exactly what Marine Corps is, it's a re-done, re-released, improved and patched Soldner with the marine add-on all in one.

    and thou this post is not a review, I'm going to share some screens and give some pluses and minus to the game. (so far with about 6 hours re-visited into it.)

    Just don't call it Soldner:

    Things blow up real nice:

    You have infantry, vehicles, armor units, air units... tons of units... but none driven or operated in first person (in the vehicle) all vehicles are from the 3rd person:

    This game has always been great a destroyable terrain and buildings, but unfortunately on most servers, thats all people want to do, see how much they can blow up:

    Choppers go down easy, very easy...

    The maps are just spectacular, and everything can be blowned up and destroyed... buildings, trees, ground... don't have a hull down position>? blow one in the ground, cool but bull:

    nice maps:

    Theres a little stinger boy... you'll notice on most open servers, rarely is there team work... most are seen alone, doing there own thing... kinda like OFP meets Counter Strike:

    Night and weather included:

    He won't last long... biggest problem in open servers, campers make it to your spawn area, sit and wait as you "buy" your equipment and it's spawned in for you:

    Did I mention, nice maps:

    The desert, and one lonely tank out on his own:

    One lonely tank, without any team mates, over watch armor covering his crossing of this big danger area, goes by-by:

    Did I mention things blow up nice:

    Hey team work half a US Tank platoon... one should be covering while the other moves, not both:

    Bullet/round holes:



    Still alot of potential... the open servers seem to be a joke, but you get some dedicated players on a locked server playing the goal and as a team, this game could kick donkey.

    Love the maps, terrain, weather, explosions, and all the equipment.

    Hate that you can't drive 1st person, like in OFP, the vehicles all drive terrible IMO, more like JO then OFP (driving wise), not easy to work as a team in a open server...

    But great potential here at TG I believe... force on force, playing the objective, playing as a team... could be SWEET.
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    Re: Just don't call it "Soldner"...


    As always, you kick butt.

    Thanks for the screenshots and info!!
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      Re: Just don't call it "Soldner"...

      See he always does this. Im set in my head about not getting another game, then he goes posts these awesome pics and great ideas and opinions and i have to buy it now

      anyone wanna buy my BF2 for 20 bucks?
      that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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        Re: Just don't call it "Soldner"...

        The maps look pretty big. How many players do you need for a good game?


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          Re: Just don't call it "Soldner"...

          Depends on the map. 6x6 is fun, but 32v32 is better. We can go up to a 100 player server, so 50x50 would be awesome. :)
          Diplomacy is the art of saying "good doggie" while looking for a bigger stick.


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            Re: Just don't call it "Soldner"...

            The other night we had 12 of us playing on the 32 player map and had a blast.

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