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    Here are some photos from our last tournament in nashville indiana.
    and a couple from the tounament before that in sheridan IN.

    I highly suggest you click on any you like the look of.
    anyway, on to the pics........

    heres a sequence i photoshopped together of the team captain off the break.

    Mike (mohawk) and shawn. Mike will play "tape" where he will run up the sides of the field looking for good angles to hit the enemy. Shawn plays "back" hes the support and intel for the team....constantly yelling out positions of bad guys and coordianting moves with cover fire.

    Heres the whole team "Bad Trip". Theres a bit of time between each game and getting psyched up is a big part.

    Heres the guys ready for the "break". when the head ref says go both teams rush forward from thier exposed current positions to their bunkers (those inflatable river rafting looking thingies)

    Right before the game the team has about 5 minutes to plan and get ready to play. Heres out team discussing tactics.

    I got a few shots that tuned out a bit artistic over the course of the day, heres one of a referee.

    Heres Chris (team captain) in his bunker during a game. This game is way more intense than any other sports ive ever played.....tactics speed dexterity and did i mention speed?

    A nice shot of mike runiing off the break to his first bunker.......right after this frame he gets hit and is eliminated form the game

    There will be more pics. there are 6 more games in the series. Let me know what you think of em!!



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