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GRAW Map Pack 3 action...

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  • GRAW Map Pack 3 action...

    Last night, TG got together to test the just released Map Pack #3 for Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter, we had a pretty good time despite the occasional kick for using altered files, lol, and the occasional server crash.

    I took over 150 screenshots last night, as I usually do, I went through them this morning and uploaded 36 onto my personal web site, screenshot page.

    You can check out the whole collection here:

    (Please be advised, that this is my new web site, just registered and made a few days ago... screenshots are up but most everything else is still under construction and tuning.)

    Here are some of my favorites from last night, for immediate sharing:

    One team covers, while the other team is flanking a known enemy location:

    I like to call this the Gate to Hell, play it and you'll know why, also you'll see if you check out the other screens:

    Nice sight:

    My team covers and suppresses, while the other team enters the compound:

    Taking fire from the right:

    My team moving to an objective:

    Hey, can't see behind a fence? Shoot it down:

    I just like the lighting in this pic... don't forget this is the future, global warming and all makes it a hot mo fo:

    Good cover fire:

    Thats a dead sucka:

    Once again, can't see behind a fence, kill it:

    He never saw me, but you will be amazed how fast they can turn, locate and pull the trigger on you:

    I like to call this the Tunnel of Pain:

    Get some:

    No one of the good guys made it to the other side of Pain:

    The enda... till next time.
    Magnum |TG-18th|

    We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.

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    Re: GRAW Map Pack 3 action...

    Nice pic's. Great games. That tunnel is a pain in the arse.

    18th SF Operational Detachment Delta


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      Re: GRAW Map Pack 3 action...

      heh, In the first pic that's me and snail doing the "One team covers, while the other team is flanking a known enemy location:"

      So, wait a minute.. that was a known enemy location? Thanks for the intel, guys!

      Also, that last pic is of me, right before I got shot by the sniper in that tower. I'm still not sure the best way to approach that guy though, doesn't seem fair. You can't flank him, and there is that tree there compeltely blocking your shot of him. Really really need smoke in this situation.


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        Re: GRAW Map Pack 3 action...

        Great pics Magnum. Don't forget, don't drink the water while you're in Mexico.


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          Re: GRAW Map Pack 3 action...

          Nice pictures.


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            Re: GRAW Map Pack 3 action...

            Nice pics and nice formations! Looks like you guys have some good movement and positions going on.




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