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Company of Heroes, my beginnings...

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  • Company of Heroes, my beginnings...

    Warning: if you plan on buying or stealing Company of Heroes, you may not want to continue reading this post. There is no spoilers, just screens from the tutorials, but maybe you want to be surprised in the tutorials too.

    I just realized, I post a couple of screens and info, when I played the demo:
    and it's still on this front page. lol. But anyway, here's more info and screens.

    you could just look at all the screens on one page, if you don't want to read my comments.

    Company of Heroes:

    Company of Heroes was just released to stores 2 days ago, Like I said before I'm not much into RTS games, can't think and/or click that fast, BUT I played the demo and loved it, and have also read members of the gaming communities opinions on how great it is, so I bought.

    Be advised: there is a CD version which is the regular 40 dollar version, and the "collectors edition" which comes in a fake metal type case, it comes on one DVD, but also has a bonus CD with the making of and stuff like that, it comes with a ridiculous camouflage and cover pamphlet, that shows you what it is but has nothing to do in game. It also comes with a fantastic fold out map of D-Day and all the units and where they landed, and it concludes with a small pack of index cards with pictures of WW2 units and equipment, like the Sherman for instance, or the Half-Track. For that you pay an extra 20 bucks, now I could of done without all those extras, but having the game on DVD was my goal and reason for buying the collectors edition.

    Anyway, Company of Heroes has one of the best damn tutorials I've ever played, it's broken down into 4 groups, basic training, infantry tactics, command and control (base building), and armor.

    It walks you through each part with text, flashing arrows and highlights, and a great voice over.

    Here are screenshots from the tutorial, and tutorial only, along with my smartass comments, lol.

    So you know what your looking at:

    Basic training, basic screen:

    Fantastic camera system that lets you see any angle/area:

    Basic training complete, sweet:
    Basically you learn, well, the basics, lol, camera control selecting and deselecting. duh.

    Infantry tactics training, you start by calling in some Airborne troopers:

    Fighting your way through a grave yard, at least if you die, you got a resting place already:

    Had to take out this machine gun nest, a nade did it quickly:

    Then you can take over it, and set up your own, you can position your weapon systems in the best direction for your needs:

    Get some, get some... this dude actually went through the whole reloading animations, nice touch Relic (the makers):

    Infantry using cover and proper movement, nice for a change:

    We took the barn man, 4 of my 6 guys are down thou:

    Command and control:
    You use the tactical map to see who has what, and where the resources are, you got to keep your supply lines open, nice:

    My engineers building a machine gun nest... sweet animations:

    You secure and protect resources, kind of redicious because the Americans brought most of there stuff they needed, but for game play purposes, it works:

    You get points for kicking donkey, then you can use those points for special abilities, kinda like C&C Generals (the game):

    Better defensive tools, artillery etc etc:

    Hey, my engineers built that machine gun nest, my squad of infantry built that sandbag wall, and it comes in handy, heres a counter attack:

    When you call in artillery it's marked with red smoke, artillery is a little to quick to arrive, and probably should be used in other ways besides danger close, but again, for game play issues, it works, and works GOOD:


    This one was danger close and took out one of my guys:

    Theres people flying in this one, hard to see in a still:

    The after math, and another tutorial done:

    Crash through walls:

    Killed a tiger, ya right, well maybe that close...
    This is one big thing i don't like about RTS's, tank/armor battles are always to close:

    Check out my engineers, they are great, not only did they bring a bunch of weapons, and tools, they brought blow touches to fix my tanks:

    you can upgrade your tanks with a 50 cal machine gun, get some:

    My unit kicked donkey and gets promoted, duel AT gunner vs tank:

    Calling in the alligator with a bulldozer attachment, clears tank traps and burns people, sweet:

    Lets smoke those infantry out:

    Thats really got to hurt:


    All my training is complete:

    I really, really loved the tutorial... some fantastic work done here by Relic... now to get into the campaigns, which usually starts my downfall and why I never complete an RTS game... the tutorials are easy, you only have a few units to control, once the major battles begin and your controlling 50 units or so, it gets to hard and fast for me... but looking forward to testing/trying it out.

    Stay tuned for more info, screens, and video clips.
    Magnum |TG-18th|

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    Re: Company of Heroes, my beginnings...

    Great post Magnum. Thanks for the info!

    What sort of support does the game have for multiplay?
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      Re: Company of Heroes, my beginnings...

      Looks nice. Tell me how you like the game then once you actually get into it.


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        Re: Company of Heroes, my beginnings...

        You secure and protect resources, kind of redicious because the Americans brought most of there stuff they needed, but for game play purposes, it works:
        It makes more sense on the airborne maps. As you advance, the commanding officer refers to control points as drop zones. Typically you have to clear AA from those locations and sieze the flag to secure the area, which allows you access to more territory and more airborne infantry and supply drops.

        But you're right - on the ground assualt maps it's just a game mechanic.
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          Re: Company of Heroes, my beginnings...

          I think there are two game modes for multiplayer, Annihilate and Victory Points. Annihilate, you have to um, annihilate your opponent. Victory points, you cause the other player to lose points if you hold more Victory CPs then they do. The game supports upto 8 players.

          The game is pretty kick ass. Im about to finish it up the campaign on normal, and there are times I finish a mission and feel like I have just finished taking an exam I am so mentally drained.

          One thing that is great about your infantry units gaining rank is that they (infantry, mortar, MG, sniper) will be available in the next missions as long as they survive. This comes in real handy if your units are able to pick up extra weapons (light mg42s, panzserschrecks, BARs, bazookas) on the battlefield so you have super squads able to tear things up from the get go. Unfortunately, this does not carry over to AT guns, vehicles or Aiborne/Rangers and they do cost more manpower points to produce.




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