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LOMAC - Tour of the Caucasas

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    Re: LOMAC - Tour of the Caucasas

    Originally posted by USN_Squid
    Yes, we have a TS channel at TG for Lomac and IL2. I think you need exactly one button to get the plane off the ground. Several are optional:

    1.Spool engine
    Of course throttle up and taxi to runway (ask for clearance from tower if you want).

    2.Nav lights
    4.various exterior view buttons so you can see how cool you look
    5.wing tip smoke
    6.we usually coordinate take off so we hold brake, throttle up to full military and release brake together.

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      Re: LOMAC - Tour of the Caucasas

      For me, there seem to be few planes to fly but I'm a beginner pilot so learning the A10 and F15 takes a while to become proficient. IL2 does have more planes but I feel like most of them are the same. You don't have to do anything drastically different when flying. In LOMAC, it seems that planes are used differently so there's new things to learn when doing ground attack or air support. To me, it seems like there's more variety when flying missions. IL2 always seems it's get in the air and shoot stuff down. It does have cool graphics though. Well, both games have good graphics but IL2 doesn't take a beefy computer.

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        Re: LOMAC - Tour of the Caucasas

        I've enjoyed IL2 for some time now (1.5 years) and it keeps getting better. Making your own missions, flying with squadrons, stuff. Planes are flyable. Learning curve is kinda steep but worth it if you're into flight sims at all. once you nail a deflection shot on a Fw190 from a Jug while coming out of a stall induced spin you'll be grinning from ear to ear....and sweating profusely.

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