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  • MFSX screens...

    Microsoft Flight Simulator X was just released a couple of days ago...

    I really have no idea why I would pay 70 bucks (for the deluxe) for this game, since I bought 2004 and only played it for about 6 hours, but I did.

    It's a bear on my machine, forcing me to run everything at medium with a resolution of 1280x1024x32 with AAx4 on. (in comparison, I can run GRAW with everything maxed at same resolution and AA on without a single frame slow down.)

    Well heres some pics from my first hour with it...

    Only did one of the tutorials, I know mostly about virtual flying:

    Got to check out the Pyramids:

    Niagara Falls:

    Sunrise in Rio:

    Vegas baby, The Rainbow Six team will be there blowing the place up soon,lol:

    Here's me in the city I protect, but instead of in my patrol car, i took the bird out for a spin:
    (Naples, Florida):

    Thats it, just a little sharing on this one.
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    Re: MFSX screens...

    Wow, looks good. I just reinstalled FS2004 yesterday. I love downloading planes and scenery, it makes for a more interesting time.

    Interested in a little multiplayer with FS2004, Magnum? You'll have to compete with my downloaded "Spruce Goose" :)

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      Re: MFSX screens...

      I dont know much about Flight sims...but the graphics look great.
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