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  • Delta Ops 05 screens...

    Was going to do a detailed AAR for this mission, but I meet my end far too soon, but is/was a great mission, so sharing some of the screenshots from it:

    Delta Ops 05 (VBS1)

    En-route to LZ with gunship coverage:


    Gathering our support and resources:

    Mount up:

    and move out:

    Early enemy contact, 40mm fire at will:

    We park our vehicles and go in on foot:

    Moving out on foot in a wedge formation:

    I order my men to stop, while I low crawl and recon the objective:

    Alot of people walking with AK's on there back, but are they enemy combatants?

    We take fire, guess there combatants after all, Fire at Will!

    The number 8 man takes a hit, I send him to the medic for treatment:

    As we move to the right of the town, for a easier and more controlled entry into the town, we take fire again, and return fire:

    This time I take one in the arm, I call the medic over for treatment:

    We are now positioned on the weak, smaller right side of the town, time to plan and move in for urban combat:

    As we approach the town edge, I check our uncleared right flank, I see one enemy and drop him, but by the time I see the second it was too late... Mission Over:

    Great missions, very well made and more "realistic" type missions then anything else out there, (it is made for and by military persons).

    Of course, I still rarely complete a mission successfully, AI is still too stupid, but nice to have true, hardcore missions to play.
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