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  • Delta Ops 5 video AAR...

    You know, I work hard for my hobby... I'm always trying to capture the best screenshots and the best video clips to share with my gaming community, I'm always trying to share both picture and video after action reviews of the best, most interesting missions in different games.

    To do a good AAR, usually you play through a mission a number of times before you start capturing screens or video footage to decide exactly how your going to put together the AAR.

    Such is the case with my latest video AAR... I've played this mission a number of times, figured it a good, tactical, mission to share.

    So yesterday, I play it twice before playing it to record. The first time I cleared out the first major town, then took a bullet clearing out one of the outline buildings... then the second time I played it and successfully completed the mission so i was ready to record.

    I booted it up the third time, and recorded parts of it.

    The mission, Delta Ops 05 from the VBS1 simulation, Your tasked to insert via helicopter, make your way to a town and eliminate any insurgents, then eventually rescue some friendlies.

    Once i decided to start recording the mission, things didn't go as planned, and thats why I love the game, each time you play is something a little different.

    We didn't even get to the town, all other times I cleared an outside force before continuing, not this time... lol...
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    Re: Delta Ops 5 video AAR...

    Even though I don't play nearly any of the games you talk about, I really enjoy reading your thorough reviews and watching your AAR's. Your work is greatly appreciated. :) Downloading this one now.


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      Re: Delta Ops 5 video AAR...


      Great video though. It really makes me wish I had more time to play VBS1. There are definitely some good moments during gameplay...

      Hopefully I'll have some time for ArmA and be able to jump in for a couple of ops with everyone...





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