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The Battle of Hastings...

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  • The Battle of Hastings...

    WARNING: Spoiler for the just released Medieval 2: Total War game. This is just a "after action review" of the first battle tutorial that was in game and in the "gold" demo... but do not watch, look, or read further if you don't want it spoiled for you.

    The Norman Conquest... The Battle of Hastings... Summer 1066 AD...

    Hello, I'm Rufus, son of The Duke of Normandy, Duke Williams. After the demise of the current King of England, there left three factions all looking for the Throne of England.

    My father was promised the throne by the prior king, and now has received the blessing of the Pope. We gather our army and set sail for the coast of England.

    (This video is the mission introduction, explaining most of what i just said...)

    We arrive on the beach, we exit our ships and form up for battle.

    (This video is the battle introduction, the opening moves and my mission...)

    And the battle begins...

    I am ordered by my father to protect the rear and attack any Saxon re-enforcements that may attempt to flank the main army. It's a crappy job, but someone has to do it, why not the geeky son.

    I move my units across the bridge and set up positions:

    Well what do you know, Saxon dog re-enforcements, looks like ruffy here Will get some action after all:

    I order my archers to engage at a distance:

    Once the archers then the lines a little, I send in my foot soldiers for some hand to hand:

    I make sure, just before they arrive the clash, the archers stop firing:

    I then send in my Cav units to hunt and kill the fleeing, broken dogs:

    Daddy calls my army back over to him for the main battle, more bloodshed will spill:

    I move my units back over the bridge:

    I then tactically place my units on my fathers left flank. The front line will be the archers, followed by the spear men, then the cav units on there horses, and then me.

    Dads right flank gets routed and breaks and runs, those cowards:

    The Saxons think they got us, so they send there peasants in a charge:

    I order my archers to engage the charging enemy dogs:


    I then order my spear man to charge the line:

    They charge in:

    The peasants break and run, I order my archers to attack the Saxon "wall", as I send my spear man up:

    Hold the lines, we remain disciplined while the dogs break and run:

    King Harold takes an arrow to the heart and goes down, the rest of his army panics and begins to break:

    I then order my Cav units to charge the routers and slaughter them all:

    Birds eye view of the battle field:

    My units charge the line and break the last remaining:

    The battlefield lies littered with bodies, mostly Saxon scum so it's OK:

    Finish Them!

    Hastings won, a clear victory:

    The battle statistics:

    We win, so I kill daddy why he sleeps so I can become king, nice family values, right? lol

    Like I said, I did this with the tutorial only so I wouldn't ruin any true game play stuff for the people waiting for the game, but in time I will be doing more AAR's of the historic battles, I love them. ;)
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    Re: The Battle of Hastings...

    That game looks fantastic. Nice write up.




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