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Fish and i, a love story? NOT!

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  • Fish and i, a love story? NOT!

    FriedFish (the only remaining TG member that don't play BF2, BF2142, or WOW exclusively, lol) and I got together again for another evening of VBS1 action.

    First mission, he was driving, I was in the gunner position... as we crested the hill overlooking the objective, I say "OK, not to close, be ready to fall back if we come under fire". as soon as I finished my sentence, BOOM!

    Must of been an RPG or something close, because we blew up nicely and both were burned alive...

    Burn baby burn...ouch.

    OK, then we started another mission, a convoy attack, couple of T72's, a couple of BMP's and a couple of trucks... actually we learned two seperate and equally large convoys...

    I was squad leader of my 12 man squad and 4 vehicles, Fish was the FO (forward observer), I gave him a ride so he could overlook the convoy and assist me with a couple of artillery barrages.

    I decided to put my troops in ambush location, and moved up with Fish to watch the action...

    My Squad plus 1 passenger:

    The FO hard at work:


    I move closer, there is a "don't ask, don't tell" policy in effect, right?

    First sight of the convoy:

    Better view, better start marking and calling fish boy:

    We wait, and wait, and wait... nothing:

    They get to close, go off road, engage my whole squad in there ambush locations, quickly destroying them all... Fish failed, no artillery ever came, probally forgot the battery's in the radio.

    So, we decide to DIP (die in place):

    and engaging armor units with our SAW and M16A2:
    (as Kerry said, those that don't go to collage, end up in Iraq, duh!)

    We actually live pretty long, they fire at us but miss alot:

    OH NO, the fish is down, a tear flows down my sand caked face, rage builds up and I engage on rock and roll:

    and I go down, next to my buddy, we will bake in the sun and be eaten from vultures together:

    I reach out to touch his leg one last time, lol, as we forever sleep in our sandbed:

    the end... lol ;)
    Magnum |TG-18th|

    We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.

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    Re: Fish and i, a love story? NOT!

    Fish use to hide in the the closet all the time when we played AA. ;)

    Looks like fun, to bad I can't afford that game. Just waiting for Armed Assault!




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