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  • Gears of War videos...

    The SimHQ Xbox 360 crowd gets together every Saturaday around noon for some multiplayer action... some times it's GRAW, sometimes Vegas, sometimes Call of Duty... but this past Saturaday we got together for some Gears of War multiplayer. (Any TG 360 gamer is welcome to join us.)

    I finally fiquered out how to record footage, so below is a couple of videos I made from Gears of War...

    The first video is almost 10 minutes long and filled with action, most of the time it's close range chainsaw action which is about the only way I ever get any kills, but my fellow gamers are on to me, and it's not as effective as it use to be...
    (Recommend you right click and "save as", also broadband only)

    The next video is simply a music video I made with the Megadeth song "Gears of War" which was made for the games release, it's heavy metal, so some of you may not like it, the video is the same footage with a bunch of fast cuts and fades, nothing fancy, just wanted to tribute the song with the footage...
    (Recommend you right click and "save as", also broadband only)

    I wish it would record our voices (every 360 game has built in voice comms), but I guess it's kind of good it doesn't... because those who say a console game can't be tactical are WRONG, alot of teamwork and tactics in every game we play, even this Sci Fi shooter... fantastic group of gamers.
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    Re: Gears of War videos...

    Holy blood splatter!!! That looks incredible... Aside from the MadWorld commercial.. thats the only footage of GoW that Ive seen. I really like the creepy voice in the background .... "sssuuuucccceeeesssss" LOL oh ya and the aiming/shooting around corners is a nice touch. Ill tell ya the first thing that really caught my eye was the blood spatter and wounding you take... when you get shot thats a whole lotta blood and flesh spraying :) Great Work.. and whoever is playing needs some practice with the proximity of that chainsaw :P




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