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A few more ArmA screenshots...

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  • A few more ArmA screenshots...

    I snapped these while checking out the latest version of TheBigC's excellent Victory Island Coop-14 mission. In this mission, the objective is to defend a small island base from multiple armor and infantry attacks.

    Keep in mind that I run all of my graphics settings on "Low," so the game will look even better for those who run it at higher graphics settings.

    The Big Dipper. (Yes, constellations are actually modelled in the game.)

    Early pre-dawn sky. (The sun is starting to make a glow in the east. Yes, the sun actually rises and sets in real time.)

    About a half-hour later. Notice how the sky and my surroundings have grown brighter?

    This captured T-72 tank has its spotlights on. In the next three shots, you'll see how the light can blind you if looked at head-on. (The same thing can happen with the sun.)

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    Re: A few more ArmA screenshots...

    That's very cool. I remember in Operation Flashpoint there was a mission where you were behind enemy lines and had to use the stars to navigate back home.

    I know there have been some problems with the AI in the initial versions of ArmA, does AI react to being blinded like your screenshots depict?


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      Re: A few more ArmA screenshots...

      Very impressive.

      I can see a trail watcher team checking out the stars while a entire platoon of infantry passes by in the night.
      "Honest Sarge, we did'nt see anything."

      Yeah, one of the first things to thing about in planning an assault or making a defensive stand will be; "o.k., where is the sun at in relation to what direction we will be looking towards."
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        Re: A few more ArmA screenshots...

        Real nice. Lighting is well done.




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