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  • PGR3 360 race event screens...

    A few of us, (4 to be exact), got together for our first scheduled race event using PGR3 for the Xbox 360, now let me tell you... racing on a console, especially with a wheel, is just as much as a simulation as racing on a PC IMO.

    We only had 4 show up but with time and announcements, I think a weekly racing event on the 360 will end of being a bigger and better event, eventually.

    That said, here is my short after action review of our first race:

    When: Saturday, 3 PM sharp, Eastern time, The green flag dropped.

    Game: Project Gotham Racing 3
    (You can get this game cheap now, alot of used ones also to buy, and it comes with the Microsoft Wheel.)

    Mode: Street Race

    Track: Nurburgring

    Race: Full F1 Circuit

    Laps: 5 (max allowed, one of the games few downfalls.)

    Time: Daytime

    Car Class: Any Class C vehicle

    Manual transmission
    In car view only
    Collisions on

    After Action Review:

    Hengist, Positive G, Brun, and Magnum form up on the starting line, the green flag falls and Hengist takes the lead almost immediately, the other three battle for position from the start:

    The first turn, always the one that spaces out the racers, usually the one with the majority of collisions. I bump for position while on the turn, Hengist takes the outside lane and squeezes by for the lead that he lost just for a split second:

    The spaces increases, Hengist up front, Positive G in second, and Magnum in third, and brun in forth:

    Magnum takes a bad bump, goes up on two wheels and is passed, putting him squarely in last place where he will remain:

    Hengist continues way up front, Positive G and Brun fight for 2nd and 3rd:

    Someone takes a corner a little past the optimum threshold:

    Hengist continues to almost always ride the optimum line:

    And of course, Hengist takes the checkered flag without even a sweat or challenge:

    Look us up for some 360 racing, (posted in the console forums), usually every Saturday day, but other races will be hosted to fit the needs of the members. If you dare.
    Magnum |TG-18th|

    We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.



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