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Help Needed with Growler Gun Cam

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  • Help Needed with Growler Gun Cam

    Although a tech issue, I thought this forum would be best to post this query in, as all the video makers are here.

    I just tried out Growler Gun cam, and captured a fantastic sequence of a heli being shot down as it flew over my boat.

    Now when I export the clip from Gun Cam as an .avi file and IMPORT the same .avi file into Adobe Premiere for editing, it only shows as BLACK -- nothing. Does not seem to matter whether I render it as MSVC or Xvid -- I cannot render anything in Dvix and have not figured out the FourCC codes.

    Note that the rendered (exported cllips from Gun Cam) DO play in my media players BUT they DO NOT work at all in my video editor.

    One of KEY piece of info: Adobe After Effectes delivers an error message when I try to use Gun Cam clips: "UNLABLED ALPHA CHANNEL" -- This is undoubtable the source of the BLACK problem in my editors. SO the issue may be, HOW DO I get GUN CAM export to label the alpha channel (all greek to me).

    If I cannot IMPORT the rendered (and uncompressed) footage into my Adobe editor then Gun Cam will be of no use to me.

    Has anyone had a similar problem.

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    Re: Help Needed with Growler Gun Cam

    by looking at the video posted you solved this problem.

    What was the fix for future reference?





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