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My 1st VBS2 screenshots...

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  • My 1st VBS2 screenshots...

    Just got it in the mail 2 hours ago... heres a few of the first screenshots from it... and NO, I still don't recommend the purchase, but glad I did. lol ;)

    Hey, this is VBS2:

    Setting screens look identical to ArmA, same visual settings but getting about 10 to 15 better frame rates, explain that? lol:

    So thats where ArmA got the library idea:

    Ya baby, you ain't got that in AA do ya! (OK, just rubbing it in a little, but wait theres more):

    Ya baby, F/A-18:

    and my favorite weapons system, the Javelin:

    Hey thats a m16, wow:

    "What are you doing soldier?", "Training Sir", "What kind of training soldier?", "ARMY training Sir!"...

    And now some more screens from my favorite weapon system:

    Get some!:

    OK, this thing is HEAVY, someone take it will ya?

    More coming soon...
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    Re: My 1st VBS2 screenshots...

    Wow too bad that content doesn't import into ArmA :(. Looks very nice if you have the $2k


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      Re: My 1st VBS2 screenshots...

      So was this done by a defense contractor? Or was this just another company looking to capitalize on gamers and the military?
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        Re: My 1st VBS2 screenshots...

        It's what we train our troops on if I remember correctly, so yes some defense contract or another.

        Rather incredible, I mean the screenshots can only do so much justice to a game which was designed to excel in realistic execution of combat scenarios. I bet it is a thrill to play and think about how the only thing short of the simulation being there is well...being there.

        It must be really great to be able to train our troops with these fine pieces of software, they can learn so many good critical thinking/on-the-spot strategic planning abilities from this...without that whole danger of really dying...

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          Re: My 1st VBS2 screenshots...

          Hopefully everyone who sees these screenshots is aware of the fact that Armed Assault (aka ArmA: Combat Operations in the US) is the game that this sim is based upon. They share 90% the same feature set, too, so if you want to play something extremely similar, you should look into picking ArmA up. It's only $40 or so, too.

          BIS made ArmA. BIA took ArmA, added some stuff to it, and made VBS2.




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