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  • GRAW2 for PC screenshots...

    The original Ghost Recon, and it's two official add-ons, IMO was/is some of the greatest tactical computer gaming ever developed...

    Then the PC got kicked in the face with the new emphasis on the console gaming, including our beloved GR series... Sure on the console they are great games, and I've played them plenty... but the PC is still where my heart is when it comes to tactical games.

    Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter, IMO, sucked for the PC version and was good but not fantastic for the Xbox 360... then comes Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter 2... for the Xbox 360 version, again IMO, it was "the BOMB", a fantastic piece of work, and one of only a few games I've ever played completely through more then once... and the Multiplayer is fantastic... now, as usual, months later the PC version is just around the corner.... the GRAW2 MP demo was released some time ago, but i wasn't impressed...I prefer coop play not force on force... and the real question is...hows the AI?

    Well now the SP GRAW2 for the PC demo has been released:

    I don't want to ruin any story or detail too much info, but I got a little "stick" time with the demo this AM... and wanted to share some screenshots.

    These screens are from the demo, and without my PhysX card installed, (I bought that card after Apophis's post on it here in these forums, and mentioned the price was now just over 100 bucks compared to 400 bucks when first introduced... It sits in my closet now, lol, I will get it installed before the final release of the game.)

    Got to start with the basics...right?

    Insertion, in the full game, you will have multiple insertion zones to pick:

    Meet the HUD, center click your mouse will bring up quick commands for your team:

    Ohhh, the Tactical map... pretty:

    And of course, you can give orders and way points here to:

    Cover that, assault, and recon... new modes of control:

    Optics...sweet... a requirement for any good tactical shooter IMO:

    G key brings up the full screen view, still wish we could switch into there roles thou... like in the original GR:

    I'm about to get me some folks!

    What the hell...just in case you want to know without downloading it yourself:

    Guess they still haven't learned that 4 player co-op is weak, I want a full squad of 9 damn it. ;)

    Look for my review after the full release, and some serious time with this baby... just hope the AI has been greatly improved over the first in the 360 version.
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    Re: GRAW2 for PC screenshots...

    Thanks for the shots Magnum. I liked the GRAW1 SP campaign and even played some coop with friends, so i am looking forward to the improvements in GRAW2.
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      Re: GRAW2 for PC screenshots...

      Here are some of mine.


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        Re: GRAW2 for PC screenshots...

        Great screenshots guys!

        The game honestly runs as great as it looks :)
        I have the worst possible gaming PC a person could have these days, and I get nay a hiccup with those visuals


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          Re: GRAW2 for PC screenshots...

          A very pretty game.

          GR on the Xbox was my favorite game for a lonnnnng time.


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            Re: GRAW2 for PC screenshots...

            GR2 on the xbox was top notch. Very fun coop.




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