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  • GRAW2 exclusive mission screens...

    As I mentioned in the news post about GRAW2 being released today, and having an exclusive map/mission for the owners of PhysX cards... well here is the first part of the mission in screenshots... it shows what the modders should be able to do with the tools...

    Mission Brief:

    Team Selection, (Guess you have to unlock the team members in the campaign, none were available to me):


    Little Bird:

    First Contact, (looking the other way):

    Quick Peek:

    Placing the C4 Charge:



    Video would of been better, stuff flew EVERYWHERE... a little to over the top IMO. But I like it.

    The Tactical Map:

    I see a head:

    Head gone:

    OK, just shot his partner, he's 20 yards away, either I'm well hidden, or idiot AI'tist, unknown so soon:

    Sniper in the tower:

    Snipers dead, and the roof fell in... lumber and stuff falling off, got to give those PhysX users there monies worth I guess:

    OK, getting worried here, granted first mission and an extra one at that, what for the campaign play I guess... but I just shot this guys partner 5 yards away from him, and he hasn't noticed:

    Another Sniper Tower:

    Another sniper and it's tower down, was cool to see him fall off thou:

    This is what happens when you hid behind a fuel can...FYI... Fuel and Fuel cans are never good cover:

    OK... just 30 minutes with the extra mission... more gameplay and info coming soon.
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    Re: GRAW2 exclusive mission screens...

    awesome post Magnum, looking forward to a review of it from you!


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      Re: GRAW2 exclusive mission screens...

      Yes I want to see some more before I buy this game, how about weapons and special kits? I see a few from single but I doubt thats all of them and pictures from gameplay modes too :)




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